Zack Snyder’s Justice League Gets ‘Honest Trailer’ Mocking The Movie

No one escapes the Internet’s crosshairs. Justice League’s version of Zack Snyder was finally released after a huge fan campaign, and while much of the audience liked it, the jokes were quick to take off with the feature film.

One of the funniest jokes comes from the Screen Junkies channel, which released a super candid trailer poking fun at the movie’s biggest flaws in a very fun way.

The format is already a tradition of all major entertainment releases. Whenever a game or movie is really successful, a video pops up quickly poking fun at things that (almost) everyone thinks about, but doesn’t have the courage to talk about.

No one is immune to the Internet hype

The video opens, for example, by poking fun at the exaggerated length of the film which exceeds four hours and also at the controversial work of Joss Whedon directing the version of the feature film that has hit theaters.

But don’t think Zack Snyder has escaped the sour humor of the comedians – he’s being criticized for the particular decision to adopt an all-square IMAX aspect ratio for a film that would launch on a streaming platform, and for excess slow motion scenes.

Even details that don’t bother to look at the feature will look silly thanks to the editors’ clever comments, such as the detailed reports the Steppe Wolf makes to Desaad.

Watch the full video below, but be aware that it contains spoilers and there are no Portuguese subtitles:

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