Zack Snyder would love to see a Batman series with Ben Affleck on HBO Max

As fans enjoy the release of Snyder Cut, director Zack Snyder wonders what his film might bring to the future of the DC Extended Universe. In a new interview, the artist gives his opinion on potential series for HBO Max, including one centered on Ben Affleck’s Batman.

For Snyder, there is a trio of Justice League characters whose series would be a great addition to Warner’s streaming. However, he’s not sure if any of the performers would be involved in a project like this:

“I think there are some good ideas out there. A Mars Hunter or Exterminator series are great ideas when it comes to an origin story. Or even one from Batman, where we would see him and his young student [Robin] do what they did for 20 years in Gotham. It would be an interesting thing to watch. I’m not sure if Ben Afleck would like the idea, however. But without a doubt, I would love to, there are so many paths, it is so vast what you can do, where you want, you would find just the right story. The origin of the Exterminator, for example, is something fascinating.

In the Justice League of Zack Snyder, the Hunter of Mars is played by Henry Lennix and the Terminator is played by Joe Manganiello. It’s not hard to imagine the two actors playing in a DC series for streaming, right?

Although Ben Affleck seems a more difficult case – the star left the role of the Dark Knight after the Justice League failed in 2017 – the actor agreed to play the hero again in the movie The Flash, which is expected to do so. debut in 2022. Would he face a Batman series or is this whole story too fantastic?

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