Zack Snyder wanted Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern in the movie

In a new interview, Zack Snyder revealed that rumors that he wanted Ryan Reynolds in Justice League were true, however, the director explained that he wanted him to play another Green Lantern, not Hal Jordan, as in the 2011 film.

The Justice League’s version of Zack Snyder almost had the Green Lantern Corps, with Ryan Reynolds playing a different role.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss his version’s release on HBO Max, Snyder spoke about his ideas for the film, whether they were recorded or not. One of the ideas that ended up being scrapped was to get Reynolds to play a Green Lantern again.

“I had another idea I had for Lanterna Verde who was not Ryan [Reynolds], so I figured if we went that route to bring in Green Lantern, I would put Ryan as an extra lantern. To fill the body of the lanterns a little more instead of having a single lantern ”.

Zack Snyder wanted Reynolds to be a new Green Lantern in “Justice League”.

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