Zack Snyder says film will be released “immediately”

When Warner Bros. announced his decision to release Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League on his streaming service, HBO Max, it was announced that the feature will be released in a miniseries format. Four hours, each hour would be a chapter that together would form Snyder’s Justice League. Now, however, the director has made a new statement, stating that the film will be released full in one go.

For a streaming service, it makes more sense that all content is posted weekly, with users of the service continuing to come back every week to watch something on it. However, after announcing that Justice League would be released in four parts, now Zack Snyder has said the opposite in his Vero.

Asked by a Justice League fan “it’s always a series or a movie that can be seen at the same time”, the director replied that the film will be seen “at the same time”, and not as a mini-series.

It’s sure to be a really long movie, running at 4 hours, making it the longest comic book movie ever to come out, just behind the Ultimate Cut version of Watchmen, also from Snyder, which runs for 3 hours and 35 minutes. .

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