Zack Snyder reveals new image of Batman Knightmare

In just under two months, fans will have the opportunity to watch the Justice League Snyder Cut, as originally planned by Zack Snyder. The director made the film his most passionate endeavor, creating a new release for the 2017 feature film, which was a critical and box office failure, resulting in numerous losses for Warner Bros.

And as the release date approaches, Zack Snyder does not fail to publish news and previews to pique the curiosity of his fans. Now the filmmaker has released, via VERO, a new image that shows Ben Affleck’s Batman with his “Knightmare” look (a pun between the words knight, knight and nightmare, nightmare).

Look at the picture below:

This image is from a scene from Batman vs. Superman: the origin of justice. In the sequel, we see Bruce Wayne glimpse a post-apocalyptic future, where Earth has been completely conquered by Darkseid. In this universe, the Man of Steel transforms into a dangerous villain, while Batman is one of the last people to face the Parademons army.

In Batman vs Superman, Batman gets a glimpse of a Darkseid-led future, where Superman is a villain.

The scene in Batman vs. Superman looks well played and only serves to introduce us to Flash, which pops up very quickly just to say “Lois Lane is the key.” Now, with the release of Snyder Cut, fans will finally have the answers to the questions raised by the scene, and many are even theorizing that the film will work on time travel and alternate future issues.

The Justice League Snyder Cut will be released on March 18, 2021 on HBO Max, in addition to having limited debuts in North American and global cinemas. We know the movie will bring new scenes and a fresh take on the team’s first adventure, as well as new heroes like Mars Hunter and El├ęktron, as well as the terrible villain Darkseid.

Below, see 24 things to note in the first trailer for Snyder Cut:

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