Zack Snyder opens up about pressure to include more humor in film

Justice League’s version of Zack Snyder is coming, and with the film’s release drawing closer, the director has spoken more about the pressure the studio placed on recording the original film. One of the aspects in which this happened, according to Snyder, was related to humor, which he was forced to include although it didn’t fit his vision of the production so well.

The theatrical film has several attempts at humor, but this version underwent major changes with Snyder’s departure from the project, when he was replaced by Joss Whedon.

Apparently adding these scenes wasn’t just Whedon’s decision, as Snyder revealed that before leaving Justice League, the studio was already pushing to change the tone of the film and make it lighter and more fun ( via CBR).

The director commented on the forced inclusion of humor in an interview with Total Film magazine, explaining that despite this, he was doing his best to maintain the tone he wanted, and hoped to deter the studio and be able to cut the footage. scenes at one point. during post-production of the film.

“The original plan was completely twisted during production, but you know I was always there to fight them… Even when there was pressure on me to do [o filme] funnier and lighter, I persisted as long as possible to keep my tone as long as possible, ”he said. “I added a lot of stuff for them, and I always made sure it covered things on both sides, so that it didn’t affect the film versus the story. I was hoping that in post-production I would be able to impose my will on them.

Darkseid, Desaad, and Grandma Kindness are some of the characters that weren’t in the Justice League version hitting theaters, but will appear in Snyder’s version.

Snyder was also asked how he thinks his version differs from the previous one, to which he replied:

“I think my film is an opportunity to deepen the characters and the rhythms of the story.”

The director’s version is expected to be significantly different from the one that hit theaters, as Snyder didn’t experience the same kind of pressure during production on the new film, and much of his original vision was changed in the Justice League which was carried out. from Whedon. Actor Ray Fisher, a performer for Cyborg, said that only one of the scenes he recorded before the change in production management was being kept for theaters, for example. Additionally, Snyder’s trailers and speech make it clear that he intends his film to have a much more serious tone than the previous Justice League.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will arrive on HBO Max on March 18. In Brazil, where the streaming service is not available, the film will arrive for rental on the Apple TV, Claro, Google Play, Looke, Microsoft, PlayStation, Sky, Uol Play, Vivo and WatchBr platforms, and will be available until to April 7. .

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