Zack Snyder explains why the movie is so violent and bloody

Those who have watched the new version of Justice League have noticed that the film contains an impressive amount of blood and violence. According to Zack Snyder, this adult aspect is the result of the creative freedom he had in the project.

In an interview with Variety, Snyder said the addition of beheadings and crushed heads to the film is “a pure exercise in creative freedom.” The filmmaker says this led him to consider how divine characters would fight and act in the heat of the moment.

“We did it the same way we would if there was no indicative classification framework. We don’t use metaphors. We did it like we thought it was the coolest. It was the philosophical approach, ”Snyder said. “I still think that the consequence is important, that there are real risks. It’s still a bit abstract, of course. They are warrior gods. Which is also part of the question. We can’t really fight them. Humans cannot fight against them.

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Snyder concluded by saying that he had no intention of softening an image of violence in the film as he was committed to showing the reality of the situation:

“If you don’t see real violence as violence, for me you are reducing gravity on all levels. If the superhero crashes the car and the whole car blows up, and you see the guy sort of come out of the wreckage, and you’re like, okay, it’s still a youth movie, the fact that you do not show blood is a detail. The violence is still there. I want a real representation of violence. I don’t want to lighten it.

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