Zack Snyder explains the meaning of the Black Superman costume

Justice League director Zack Snyder has explained the significance of Superman’s black suit. The dark uniform is expected to be worn by the hero in the new version of the film, which is set to arrive at HBO Max in March.

In an interview with I MINUTEMEN, Snyder revealed why Henry Cavill’s character was going to wear the costume, and contrary to what many people think, it has a much more personal meaning for the Man of Steel than anything else. .

“The black suit, we can say that it represents the modernity of Krypton. So, it’s kind of connected to the old world of Superman. More connected to his family. When sent by Jor-El, you can see everyone is wearing black. The blue costume represents her place on Earth, it is her hero costume, the costume of her destiny, while the black is more personal. One is external and the other is internal, let’s put it that way. I always intended to make this clearer as I worked on the biggest arc of these movies, but I think in this Justice League we’ll get a feel for that. “

Superman will be on fire in the new version of Justice League

About a month ago, Zack Snyder gave a different explanation as to why he chose Superman’s black suit for the new version of Justice League.

In the comics, Superman also wore the dark uniform. The first time this happened, the costume signified a new future for the hero and screamed that even death wasn’t able to stop what is arguably DC Comics’ greatest god.

The Justice League Snyder Cut, which won its final trailer this Sunday (14), is set to run for four hours and is expected to reach HBO Max on March 18, 2021.

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