Zack Snyder explains the appearance of the hero in the film

Zack Snyder has answered some important questions behind his Justice League Cup, which kicked off this week. Although it has been revealed by Snyder himself in previous interviews, the Mars Hunter was one of the appearances that caused the most fury among fans.

In the film, J’onn J’onzz (Harry Lennix), who previously played General Swanwick in The Man of Steel, helps Lois Lane (Amy Adams) deal with grief over the loss of Superman (Henry Cavill). .

At IGN, Snyder mentioned the presence of the Mars Hunter and provided more details about the character, who according to him, has long inhabited the DCEU:

“I think he’s on Earth, we’ve talked about it a lot, he’s been on Earth for a long time, a long time. We believe it has taken different forms throughout history, lived there in a way, always in the shadows. The timeline is complicated at best. This is how we feel, although we can dive into it much deeper. The guy is smart and can read minds. He is present in the governmental hierarchy. It wouldn’t be that difficult, for example, for him to become president of the country if he wanted to.

In the comics, Mars Hunter is a native telepath of the Red Planet who lives in disguise among men on Earth and is one of the founders of the Justice League.

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