Zack Snyder explains how he handles negative criticism

Zack Snyder has had several titles in his directorial career, and while much of his work has been well received by his fans, reviews aren’t always so generous. In an interview with SnyderCutBR, the director commented on how he deals with negative reactions to his films, whether they are from DC or not.

In his explanation, Snyder said nothing he found in the reviews made him reconsider his job. The director’s position suggests that regardless of what the reviewer says, there is nothing in his films that he would like to change:

“Honestly, I don’t see a lot of reviews. I mean, you see, I took a look and kind of analyzed – like anyone would – the kind of negative reviews on movies, in the past. I just didn’t… I haven’t found anything in these reviews that would cause me to believe and / or change everything I do. So like that, it doesn’t really affect me. If I felt there was a problem, or something like that, something missing at work that I needed to see the reviews and then re-evaluate the way I am handling things, that would be another case. But, I wouldn’t change anything like what I did, so… criticism is just criticism.

Snyder on the set of Justice League, alongside Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot.

While some of the director’s films have received multiple accolades, like the case of Madrugada dos Dead, others, like Sucker Punch, have been slaughtered. Despite that, it seems Snyder’s stance on criticism is that she doesn’t influence it, which might sound simple, but it must be pretty complicated to put into practice when it comes to analyze his work.

If you’d like to learn more about the interview with Snyder, you can see it in full below:

The director’s next big outing will be Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which hits HBO Max on March 18. In Brazil, the streaming platform will not yet be available and the film is expected to arrive in the Premium Video On Demand format, which means it will be available to rent for a limited time.

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