Zack Snyder announces the release date of his version of the film

After many fights from his fans, Zack Snyder finally got it right. The Justice League Director’s version will be released in 2021. The launch will take place on HBO Max, the Warner Bros. streaming service, which opened this year. Now Snyder has released three new posters, revealing that the film will be released on March 18, 2021.

Check out the first poster, posted on the director’s twitter, below:

First poster published by Snyder.

Along with the post, Snyder wrote only the word “Fallen”. In the second poster published, he wrote “Risen” (Risen or raised, in free translation).

Second poster published by Snyder.

The third and final poster was accompanied by the message: “Reborn” (in free translation), as well as the message #SnyderCut and the release date.

Recently, the director had stated that the film would not be released as a mini-series, as it was originally released, but rather as a whole, complete, four-hour film.

While much remains to be changed from the cinematic version of the feature film, the plot of Justice League, at least in its basics, must remain the same. Basically, we’ll be following the formation of the superhero squad, as they battle against the Parademons and Steppe Wolf, evil aliens who travel to Earth in search of mother boxes.

The movie will add hundreds of characters, plots, and layers that were removed from the movie version. We know, for example, that the film must introduce Uxas – the warrior of Apokolips before becoming Darkseid -, as well as other important characters from the comics, such as Ryan Choi (the Elektron) and even the Hunter of March.

So far, HBO Max is not yet available in Brazil and there is no release information for the film here, however, there is a strong possibility that it will be made available through VOD.

Below, see 10 things that are likely to be in the Justice League Snyder Cut:

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