YouTuber creates the first water-cooled PS5

The next generation of PlayStation has arrived with a console that’s more powerful than ever. However, with the processing power of the PS5, it is necessary for the video game to have a larger fan to handle the heat generated. Thinking of a more efficient and quieter way to deal with this, YouTube channel Modding Cafe created the first water-cooled PS5 (via ComicBook).

The water cooler is the highlight of the modified version, but several other details have been added to the console, which also includes design changes. The controller symbols and the PlayStation logo decorate the project, giving it a very unique look. In addition, Nhenhophach, the creator, intends to make other versions in the future which should be available for sale, which may be even smaller than the first one, as there is a saving of place with the fan removal from the original. cooler.

You can check out the console modification process in the video below:

Since its launch, the PS5 has received quite different versions made by the community. This, in addition to changing the look of the console, certainly comes out ahead as it includes a cooling system which takes up less space and is quieter. For the general public, however, it has not been easy to find the new PlayStation for sale, due to the lack of availability of the product in stores in several countries, mainly due to the pandemic. In Brazil, in addition to this problem, there is also the price of the console, which arrived here in the range of R $ 4,199 compared to the digital version, and R $ 4,699 in the version with Blu-Ray player. .

The modified PS5 with Water Cooler alongside a standard PS5.

It’s also worth remembering that changes to the PS5 end with the product’s factory warranty, which can be a huge risk when it comes to a next-gen console. Still, it is undeniable that the modified version has managed to combine a very beautiful look with great functionality.

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