Xbox reveals curious connection between Avengers Endgame and Captain America: Winter Soldier

Avengers: Ultimatum was a real party celebrating 10 years of the Marvel Universe. Among many iconic scenes, one in particular wowed gaming fans early on, the one in which Thor defends Korg from a troll in Fortnite.

The direct connection to Fortnite, the most popular game of the time, was in itself memorable, but Marvel took the opportunity to secretly connect the film to a big fan favorite – Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Korg is too innocent for the toxic online gaming community

Thor vs. Fortnite Troll

For those who don’t remember the scene in question, the Hulk and Rocket Racoon arrive in New Asgard to recruit Thor for his mission to reverse the damage done by Thanos. However, his friend was not the same warrior they once knew.

Thor gave himself completely to a sedentary life. The only battles he fought yet were within Fortnite, with his friend Korg. And a mysterious gamer made Korg’s life hell: NoobMaster69. Check:

It’s funny how the Norse warrior who once faced massive trolls for the Nine Realms now spends his days battling internet trolls, but that doesn’t sound like a scene that would be revisited in another movie.

The secret identity of NoobMaster69

Even so, Marvel couldn’t let the joke die and decided to embark on a new campaign to raise awareness about Xbox Game Pass.

In a partnership to promote Falc√£o and the Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios’ new series on Disney +, Sam Wilson starred in a series of commercials testing games included in the Microsoft service.

Apple Store seller briefly appeared in Winter Soldier

Who guided him through the company’s catalog was the sympathetic Apple Store salesman who appeared in Captain America: Winter Soldier, when Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff were trying to track the encryption of Nick Fury’s USB drive. . Looks like he’s working in a game store now, but the real surprise comes in the form of a post-credit scene.

After the Disney + logo, the seller reveals that his username on Xbox platforms is Noobmaster69. Check:

Yes, my friend, the horror of Thor in video games is a distant acquaintance with the former Captain America. This is why it is not possible to choose a side in the civil war.

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Hawk and the Winter Soldier debuts March 19 at Disney +.

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