Wyatt Russel opens up about fan reaction to new Captain America

With the release of the second episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, fans got to see more of John Walker, Wyatt Russell’s character in the series, as the new Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But even assuming the mantle of the beloved hero, a good portion of the audience disliked the character.

In an interview with The Wrap, Wyatt Russell opened up about his character in the new Marvel series on Disney +, and he said he understood people’s hatred for the episode. According to the actor, this was the expected reaction of the public.

“That’s the point. I think people had a funny reaction ”.

In the second episode, we see the new Captain America in action, using the shield. According to Russell, he feels that his character believes he deserves the shield, or wants to prove that he deserves it:

“There are parts of him that he wants to be able to do everything in without the Super Soldier Serum. Just be very good. He has these ideas in his head about wanting people to like him, like this version of Captain America. It doesn’t work very well and forces him to rethink the way things are going to be done.

John Walker, the new Captain America, on the stage of the second episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Still, according to the actor, Waker and Steve Rogers are very similar, but Walker has the advantage of operating in the digital age.

“The military personnel of World War II are very different from the military today. They work differently; the PR machine works differently. There are many more opinions about what the military should be and what roles they should play in the world. He’s a kind of guy who’s always been good at doing his job. And he did it to serve and protect, based on some of the things Steve has done and it looks like he just wants to do his job, but people aren’t necessarily ready to accept him as the person who will do it.

Hawk and the Winter Soldier airs every Friday on Disney +

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