Wolverine begins protecting the group in the comics

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The Future Quartet is known to be Marvel’s first children’s team, which appeared in the 1980s. The group, made up of the 4 Powers brothers, obtained their powers from an alien and have since become heroes. Recently they came back to Earth after some time away and found things a little different. The Quartet became a group of fugitives after meeting with agents from CRADLE, an organization focused on controlling young heroes who determined that the team needed a mentor to stay active (via CBR).

Until then, the team had always operated on their own, although they had spent some time training under the supervision of the Fantastic Four. Faced with the unexpected demand, the group set out on a search for an adult hero who could take on the role of mentor, ensuring that they would no longer be fugitives. So, in Quartet Futuro # 4, the Powers got the support of none other than Wolverine, although that doesn’t mean he’ll actually be in charge of the group.

Initially, they tried to contact Captain Marvel and Thor, but both were too busy off the planet. They subsequently considered the Hulk and Deadpool, but both options were deemed inadequate to oversee them. Finally, the group attempted to speak to Agent Aether, only to find out that he was, in fact, a villain.

With the options coming to an end, the Quartet remembered someone who owed them a favor. Thinking of Wolverine, the group proceeded to the Mutant Embassy, ​​where they left a letter asking them to find them. Logan answered the call and the kids asked him to become a mentor for the group.

This is not the Quartet Futuro’s first interaction with Wolverine. Previously, the mutant had saved them from the saber tooth in the mutant slaughter arc. After that, a series dedicated to their dynamics was launched in 2009, written by Marc Sumerak, Gurihiro and Dave Sharpe.

The letter the Future Quartet left Wolverine.

Agreeing to speak to the group, Wolverine heads to the children’s home, where he seeks to learn more about the issues they have been facing, finding that the team’s powers have been stolen. The Quartet then clarified that the search for a mentor was motivated by the persecution they suffered because of CRADLE, in the hope that they would now be left alone. The mutant, however, doesn’t seem to believe it will work.

Wolverine meets the kids.

The conversation between them, however, doesn’t mean Wolverine will actually be the group’s mentor. He himself doesn’t see himself as a good option when it comes to counseling children, but he’s ready to help the Quartet with their issues, especially when it comes to who is responsible for stealing the powers of the Powers Brothers. However, it is clear that he is ready to defend his boyfriends, who desperately need his help.

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