Wolverine appears in new Phoenix-inspired uniform

The arc for deciding who will be Phoenix’s next host is on fire in the Avengers comics. Even though the Phoenix Force has declared their favorite, Wolverine is determined to emerge victorious from the tournament. In Avengers # 42, we see your new Cosmic Entity inspired look (via CB).

It wouldn’t be Wolverine’s first time hosting the Phoenix Force. In fact, he’s already appeared possessed by the entity in the futuristic Thor stories written by Jason Aaron – the same screenwriter in this arc of battles for the power of the Phoenix.

Two new heroes were eliminated from the competition in Avengers # 42: Eco and Shang-Chi. Getting closer and closer to his destination, Wolverine ends up exposing himself with other heroes in the waiting room about his reasons for taking on this burden.

Namor defeats Eco and continues to fight for the Phoenix Force.

The Phoenix Tragedy

Logan says he should become the next host so that no good person has to pay the price for becoming the Dark Phoenix.

“All these people here are pretending they don’t want to be the Phoenix. The Phoenix may be the sweetest fruit Eva has taken from the stars, but this fruit isn’t worth it. This fruit comes at a deadly price. And many times I watched while others paid the price. Jean was taken by darkness, Rache’s family was slaughtered before his eyes, Hope sacrificed her youth trying to be a messiah. I was tired of letting so many good people in front of me take that big, fiery ball. Taking the photos should be MY job. “

The edition ends with Logan preparing to face his next opponent with the new uniform specially prepared for the Ark of the Phoenix. He keeps the black and yellow scheme he wore for years, but with the flaming bird symbol spread across the costume.

“My name is Logan. Weapon X. Wolverine. And now I will be the phoenix of the Phoenix!

Wolverine has a good case, but he will have to give his all to achieve the desired host position. That’s because your next match is against none other than T’Challa, the King of Wakanda and the darling of the Phoenix.

Wolverine got blood in his eyes from the Phoenix Force

Who are your fans in this argument: Wolverine or Black Panther? Be sure to comment!

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