Who is Mephisto? Everything about the possible villain of WandaVision

Although it is best known for its heroes – human figures and full of fabulous intrigue – Marvel also has a very interesting repertoire in its field of villains. From tycoons to dictators, wizards and wizards, the publisher is very good at matching heroic characters with evil beings. And speaking of the devil, one of Marvel’s most curious and complex villains is the demon Mephisto.

Created in 1968, in the pages of Silver Surfer # 3, the demon was brought into the comics by Stan Lee, John Buscema and Jerry Robinson, gaining more and more space in the mystical and hidden areas of the House of Ideas, including being associated with many of the Hero Editor’s wizards. Now, many believe he might end up appearing on WandaVision, due to a complex connection with the Scarlet Witch. And thinking about it, we decided to list in this article the essentials to know about the hideous Mephisto!

Who is Mephisto?

Mephisto is an interdimensional demon from the Marvel Universe, as old as the very existence of Earth. It originally appeared as a fly (a kind of reference to various Goetian figures that take the form of flies or insects), and which commanded its own compact size, a flaming underground world still referred to by various names, such than Hades and Hell.

The character is clearly inspired by Goethe’s poem Fausto. The book tells the story of an ordinary man, an alchemist named Faust, who ends up making a pact with the demon Mephistopheles, which guarantees him supernatural powers and absolute wealth, but ends up taking a heavy toll in the process. Inspiration can be seen in some of the character’s more classic stories.

Interestingly, it is important to clarify that he is neither Satan nor the Christian devil, as many believe. Even the hell he commands isn’t really official “hell”, for in the Marvel Universe there are several demons vying for the title of Lord of Hell – a revolving cloak, passed from time to time, that determines which demon should assume the position of the main “Devil”.

The villain is directly or indirectly associated with several Marvel heroes, in addition to having made several pacts and contracts throughout his various appearances. One of the best-known cases is that of Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider. Mephisto appeared to him as if he was the biblical devil, offering a pact to save the life of his father, Crash Simpson. Blaze sold his soul in the process, becoming the Spirit of Vengeance. The villain appears in the anti-hero’s first live-action film, 2007.

In addition to the Rider, Mephisto has already interacted and made pacts with other characters, such as Thor, Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, and even Spider-Man.

What are the powers and abilities of Mephisto?

Mephisto has an almost endless myriad of supernatural powers and abilities, which he uses to trace his macabre pacts and contracts across the world, in addition to manipulating heroes and other characters still above the ground. Among his gifts, he possesses superhuman strength, stamina, speed and regeneration, making him a very dangerous foe in melee.

Additionally, he is capable of the deepest types of magical manipulation, using various mystical sources to achieve his goals. This means that he is able to produce spells, curses, and summons from different cultures. All of this helps him use his Faustian pacts, contracts he uses to keep a victim in his control at all times.

As if that weren’t enough, he also has the ability to metamorphose, to be able to transform at will into any person or creature, always to deceive and deceive his opponents. Another famous gift is the manipulation of reality, which he uses for the same purposes, being able to warp the entire universe at will. Ultimately, he is still immortal, able to come back to life whenever he is defeated.

Despite this, it is important to clarify that he is not an omnipotent being, especially when one thinks of his influence on humans. He cannot just play freely with people’s lives and must first corrupt them into accepting their covenants and contracts.

Participation in major sagas and events

Mephisto almost always appears as a figure in the shadows, but he’s always in the midst of major events and events in the Marvel Universe, as an active spectator. He is in Infinite Challenge (saga which was adapted in Avengers: Infinity War). Here, he plays a servant of Thanos, who takes advantage of the Mad Titan’s crusade to ally and try, at one point, to steal the Infinity Gauntlet – which he ends up failing to do.

Another classic and highly regarded Mephisto is set in the graphic novel Triunfo e Tormento, a story that involves Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom together on a journey through the far reaches of hell. In the saga, Victor Von Doom is after his mother, Cynthia, who had made a pact with Mephisto many years ago and was now being tortured in the underworld by the demon. Mephisto’s participation is glorious and shows how utterly sadistic and hideous a creature he is.

Perhaps the most controversial story of the demon is the One More Day arc, which gives Spider-Man trouble when Aunt May nearly dies following her secret identity being revealed to the world. Desperate and desperate not to let his aunt die, Peter Parker asks Mephisto for help, who manages to heal the old woman in exchange for a very high price: he erases Peter’s entire marriage to Mary Jane Watson, as well as much of the history they had together.

More recently, Mephisto has also appeared in some famous hero arches. He was in the Danação micro-saga, which involved Doctor Strange and other mystical and urban heroes. During the event, Mephisto ends up killing the Ghost Rider, who (after being killed) usurps his throne and becomes the new King of Hell. He was also in a recent Avengers arc, where he appears to have met his “definitive end” (which will obviously be reversed shortly).

How Mephisto can appear on WandaVision

With all of that in mind, some still believe the character could be on WandaVision, the first series produced by Marvel Studios. So far, there is no concrete evidence that the demon is involved in the plot, but many fans recall a comic book arc that involves Mephisto and the Scarlet Witch’s twin sons, Thomas and William Maximoff.

Basically, in one of the heroine’s more complex story arcs, she appears pregnant with Vision twins – who in theory can’t get anyone pregnant because she’s a synthetic male. Still, many believe that pregnancy is normal and that the heroine even gives birth to babies without much worry. However, it is later revealed that the babies are the fruits of Wanda Maximoff’s reality-altering powers and that they were created using fragments of Mephisto’s demonic soul.

Mephisto, upon discovering this, reabsorbs these soul fragments – causing Thomas and William to cease to exist, driving Wanda to madness. She needs to be clear-headed not to panic, but it ends up having more drastic consequences later, in the events of Avengers: The Fall and Mr. Dynasty.

In WandaVision, we have already seen that Wanda Maximoff gave birth to the twins – even though they appear “out of nowhere” and have no natural conception. Thus, many believe that Mephisto could be involved in the birth of these children and that this will bring many problems for the heroine in the next episodes of the series. There are even theories that some characters in the show, like Agnes or Dottie, could be Mephisto’s servants (or even the demon himself in disguise).

Whether or not that happens, we still have to wait and see. In recent years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has increasingly broadened its hidden and supernatural side, and it would make perfect sense for the context of the series for greater forces to manipulate and take advantage of the chaos caused by the Scarlet Witch.

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