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Arsène Lupine is a great figure in pop culture, being known not only in French-speaking countries as reaching audiences even in Japan. Likewise, the Lupine series, based on the character’s stories, also became a worldwide hit, being the first French Netflix production to achieve this feat. In Brazil, Lupine even reached # 1 among the streaming service’s most watched, and left audiences eager to find out more.

The plot centers on Assane Diop, a man who draws inspiration from the stories of the gentleman thief created by Maurice Leblanc to create plans and take revenge for the injustice suffered by his father, while also dealing with Assane’s relationship with his family and the difficulties he faces. in his personal life.

Only part of the first season of this story has been released, although recordings have already been completed. With five episodes available on Netflix, the season will be over when Part 2 is finally released. But what is this part 2? When does he arrive? This and more, you can find out here!

Is Part Two the second season of the series?

The first poster released from Lupine’s Part 2.

Despite the series’ great success, Lupine has yet to be renewed for a second season. Part 2, as previously stated, is only the second part of the first season, which has yet to complete its story. With the release of the remaining five episodes, the story of the first season of the series will come to an end.

This division had already been announced previously, in January, when it was said that all episodes had already been filmed in Paris at the same time, but part of the episodes would be released a few months after Lupin’s debut. This wasn’t the first time Netflix has broken a season into parts, and if you’ve followed other series on the platform, like Sabrina’s Dark World, you’ve seen it happen before.

Nonetheless, given the reception Lupine has received around the world, the expectation is that the series will be renewed for a second season after the Part 2 premiere.

When does the second part arrive?

The Part 2 teaser doesn’t offer a release date beyond 2021, indicating that it will arrive soon. These are pretty vague statements, however, which don’t really answer the question of when the new episodes are coming.

Previously, Netflix had already stated that the remaining episodes would be released this year, in its Twitter account the platform said that the new episodes would arrive during the US summer, which runs from June to August. So Part 2 is expected to arrive on Netflix in one of those three months.

It’s also interesting to note that author Maurice Leblanc’s debut account of Arsène Lupine was released on July 15, which will mark the work’s 116th anniversary – and that would be on schedule for the launch of Part 2. , which can be the date chosen by Netflix.

There is, however, no official confirmation of the premiere date, only that Part 2 will arrive between June and August.

Has the production commented on Part 2 yet?

George Kay, showrunner of the series, commented on the sequel for Assane Diop in interviews.

The Lupine team hasn’t revealed anything about the release date of Part 2, but there are comments that point to what to expect from Part 2 in terms of the story, in addition to talking about the future of the series beyond the episodes already ready.

Showrunner George Kay previously told Variety that the show’s first season was written as an introduction to Assane’s story, suggesting that much is yet to come. It also indicates that the next five episodes will still be a part of that debut, and much of the story is to come in the future.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Kay said:

“Parts one and two are basically the origin story of Assane and his revenge on Pellegrini – can and will he achieve it, and how did he get there? The beats of history in relation to this have always been discussed. It became a real kind of support for these five episodes. If people are upset that they don’t know what’s going to happen, that’s a good thing. We have to encourage that.

About the protagonist, Omar Sy, interpreter of Assane Diop, said that the methods used by the character will undergo some changes, given the situation he will face. As the Part 2 teaser makes clear, Assane’s son will be in danger, and because of that, we’ll see the character much more contemplative. The actor commented:

“His main tool is his head; he has a hard time working with his feelings – his heart and his stomach. So now your son is in danger [e] he will have to work with his instinct, which he has never done. This is the same tool you use to become a parent: you cannot be a parent with your head alone. So, for me, it’s a way for him to become a father. He’s not really in the first few episodes, but he will become, and it will be through that.

According to the showrunner and Sy’s lines, the next five episodes are expected to deal with Assane’s relationship with her son and fatherhood, as well as recounting how the protagonist’s revenge against Pellegrini ends, although that is not the end of his history.

What can we expect from part two?

In the teaser for part 2, it is shown that Assane Diop (Omar Sy) will do anything to save his son.

The first part of Lupine ends with a cliffhanger that left audiences hungry for more. The Part 2 plot should continue straight from there, showing Assane and Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) trying to save their son, Raoul (Etan Simon), as the protagonist deals with the network of lies and corruption in which he got involved., attempts to convince Detective Youssef Guedira (Soufiane Guerrab) that he is not on the wrong side, and complete his mission to prove the crimes of the Pellegrini family to clear his father’s name.

In addition, part 2 will offer superb action scenes, just like the first part, crossing several emblematic places of Paris. Kay made it clear that he intends to raise the bar even further on what was seen in the first five episodes with the final part of the first season, in his interview with Vanity Fair:

“We continue to use Parisian iconography all the time. The next part has a couple of really cool scenes and sequences that take place in Paris. It is also a question of scale. We started with something so big, and I really want to scale it up to something huge.

According to Kay, we will also continue to uncover more about Assane’s past, as there are decades of his story that have yet to be revealed to the public, who see him around fifteen and then around forty. Additionally, the showrunner has indicated that the end of the season will also end the plot about the protagonist’s revenge against the Pellegrini, so hopefully that won’t be an open point for the next few seasons.

If the words of the showrunner are confirmed, we can count on an end to the season even better than the first part of the series, which would be a great achievement. Fortunately, Part 2 of Lupine is due out in a few months, and we won’t have to wait long to see in practice if this is true – and we can finally find out how Assane Diop’s revenge saga against the Pellegrini family.

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