What the end of the fifth episode could mean for the series

Warning: spoiler alert!

Things are getting very tense in Westview. Last Friday (5) we had the screening of the fifth episode of WandaVision. It was a dramatic chapter and full of intrigue, as Wanda’s perfect reality begins to disintegrate due to internal and external interference. However, all the attention of the chapter has been diverted towards the end, which has a more than special participation and which can have great consequences for the history of the heroine and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Yes, Mercury has finally appeared – but it’s not quite what we expected …

Mercury is back

At WandaVision we are experiencing a clear and crisp expansion of Wanda Maximoff’s trauma and fears. Throughout its five episodes released so far, the series offers to deconstruct the character’s psyche, showing a bit of how she is after the events of Avengers: Ultimatum. And one of the major traumas in the heroine’s life is definitely the death of her brother, Pietro Maximoff.

This problem arose in the third episode, when Wanda talks to her neighbor Geraldine (who we later found out to be Monica Rambeau, SWORD agent) after giving birth to her twins. She remembers that she already had a twin brother and lost him – which causes Geraldine / Monica to quote Ultron and it ends up arousing a furious side in Wanda, which throws the neighbor out of her reality.

However, in the fifth episode of the series, this loss of brother is left out. In conversations with her children, Wanda mentions “Uncle Pietro,” which suggests that the man is alive and well, although he has not appeared for a long time. And at the end of the episode, we finally have this participation. It all happens when Wanda and Visão start having a big talk about the reality of Westview, where everything seems to be handled by the heroine.

At the height of the conflict, the doorbell rings and Wanda Maximoff will respond quickly. After a few seconds of shock and reflection, we finally discover who the visitor is: Pietro Maximoff, this time played by Evan Peters, the same star of the last X-Men film franchise. He arrives, makes a joke with his sister, calls his brother-in-law a popsicle and the episode ends abruptly, leaving a big hook for the end.

Who is this character?

At first glance, Evan Peters’ Mercury reminds us of the character who first appeared in X-Men: Days of Future Past. In the Fox franchise his name is Peter Maximoff and he is considered the lost son of Magneto (an adaptation of a comic book element that has been erased in recent years, since neither Mercury nor Scarlet Witch are considered to be anymore. children as Master of Magnetism).

Peter first appears when Wolverine and Charles Xavier need someone to get Magneto out of Pentagon jail. With his super speed, Peter assists the two and ends up becoming an X-Men, both in Apocalypse and in Black Phoenix. This version of the character is known to be a lot more comedic than the MCU version, aside from featuring funny slow-motion action scenes to the sound of famous songs.

Still, there’s no way to say with absolute certainty that WandaVision’s Pietro is exactly that version of Mercury from the Fox X-Men universe. In the episode itself, Darcy Lewis suggests that Wanda “changed the actor” from her brother, almost as if it was just fan service. However, knowing Marvel Studios’ plans, the choice of Evan Peters is more likely to have a narrative justification tied to the idea of ​​multiverse and parallel realities.

Another theory that is well presented among fans is that it is not Mercury, but a villain in disguise to disturb Wanda’s mind (be it Mephisto or Nightmare). Either way, if that’s not the case, it’s obvious that this character is a direct or indirect creation of Wanda herself – a very sinister revelation, especially in the episode where we discovered nature. of its powers to alter and manipulate reality.

What happened to Mercury that we knew?

Anyone who has been following the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a long time is well aware of what happened to the other Mercury – and on the flip side, I mean the character played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson who appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The hero is introduced as Wanda’s twin brother, who supports her in all the worst situations – including the death of both parents.

However, the character ends up sacrificing himself at the end of the Age of Ultron. In the film, he ends up developing some sort of rivalry with Gavião Arqueiro, which ends up being the subject of jokes and brief interactions between the two. Ultimately, as the heroes defend Sokovia and evacuate its inhabitants, Clint Barton attempts to save a child, but ends up being in the sights of Ultron, who was piloting a ship.

That’s where Mercury steps in, “pushing” Gavião and taking Ultron’s shots. He falls there to the ground and Wanda can feel the life leaving her body, which leads to a new epidemic where she unleashes a great explosion of her powers. Here’s another one of the heroine’s traumas, which has contributed to her journey through other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This Mercury is dead – which is not really an obstacle, since Visão is also and continues to wander normally. We don’t know if at some point in the series that version of the character will reappear for Wanda Maximoff, but there are many who believe that this universe’s original sprinter may well appear, helping her sister’s journey to redemption and mourning.

Is the door to the multiverse open?

Since its announcement, WandaVision has caught the attention of fans for several reasons. The first was the development opportunity for Scarlet Witch. However, many were also interested in the series when they found out that it would be directly linked to the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (including Wanda herself will be in the film).

With a title like this, it’s pretty clear that the second Supreme Wizard movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will address realities and parallel worlds, bringing more consequences to the events of Avengers: Endgame and exploring new mystical entities. in the franchise. However, many fans believe that the film would also be responsible for “opening the doors” for the X-Men, presenting other known realities.

For example, one of these theories explains that all of the X-Men movies that Fox released would be part of a new alternate universe, which would parallel the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This would allow the studio to bring back actors from the rival franchise to play their characters, like Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, for example.

With the fifth episode of WandaVision, this opening to the multiverse may have come sooner than expected. Of course, we still have to wait for the next episodes, because it is not possible to define if this Mercury lived by Evan Peters is a creation of Wanda, a villain in disguise or even a counterpart of an alternate universe based on a single scene. . However, the next chapters are coming, and Wanda Maximoff’s house will fall even more …

WandaVision airs weekly, every Friday, on Disney +. The series will have a total of nine episodes – which means we’re already halfway through the season and soon things will start to get even more serious. We also know that the next episode, which is due to air this Friday the 12th, will pay tribute and references to the sitcoms of the 90s, in addition to bringing us the long-awaited Halloween episode.

Below, save the Easter eggs and references from WandaVision’s fifth episode:

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