what happened to the twins in the seventh episode?

Warning: spoiler alert!

WandaVision is nearing its final end, but the mysteries are far from over. While Episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” solved many of the show’s old questions – like SWORD’s plans for Vision and Agnes’s true identity – it may have spawned a new puzzle. : what happened to the twins?

Previously on WandaVision …

First, it’s important to recap what we know so far.

WandaVision takes place weeks after the end of Avengers: Endgame. Traumatized by the death of Vision, the only one who really cared about Wanda, the heroine broke into a secret SWORD facility to retrieve her lover’s body.

For some reason, she brought the symptom to the small town of Westview, New Jersey. She then kidnapped the whole town for a reality of her own where everything worked like a sitcom … Even though she had never shown such powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe … Curious, right?

Are you planting?

It didn’t take many episodes, not least thanks to social pressure from the citizens of Westview, for Wanda and Visão to have children. Billy and Tommy were born like magic. The brothers appear to defy their mother’s magical orders, growing up within hours and becoming vital members of the cast. It didn’t take long for them to demonstrate superpowers, potentially being mutants given the innate origin of their abilities.

Increasingly aware of the controlled environment they grew up in, the brothers tried to help their mother – Wanda – cope with their problems. But then, when Billy’s telepathic abilities seem to be at their strongest, Agnes takes them out to give Wanda some time alone. They have not been seen since.

Around this time, even though she was emotionally fragile, Wanda was forced to face Monica Rambeau again. Turning out to have mysterious powers, Agent SWORD took the opportunity to confront her with hard-to-swallow truths, as well as the commercial of this episode featuring the Nexus.

Agnes seems uncomfortable with the growing bond between Monica and Wanda and decides to intervene. At her neighbor’s house, Wanda misses her children. And when he decides to look for them in Agnes’ basement, he finds out that she is actually Agatha Harkness.

But how can all this explain the fate of the twins?

Parallels to the origin of comics

The clues appear when we compare the events of the series with what happened in the comics. While there is no direct correspondent for WandaVision, the heroine also has children with the symptom in an unconventional way in the comics. It is important to stress that there is also the involvement of Agatha Harkness and forces beyond comprehension.

Vision insisted that Wanda start a family in the comics

In Vision and the Scarlet Witch # 3 (1985), Vision talks to his wife about building a family, after discovering that he has a “half-brother” – Simon Williams. Wanda raises the possibility of adoption, but Vision insists she could get pregnant using magic. She knew she had no power to create life. At least, not alone.

In the middle of the discussion, they come across a secret village inhabited exclusively by witches – Nova Salem. This is the village of Agatha Harkness, but the witch was burnt alive by her compatriots. Specifically by Vertigo and a group of wizards called The Seven of Salem.

They capture Wanda and Vision and intend to sacrifice them in a ritual for Lucifer, the God of the Setting Sun. The ritual is started, but Vision interferes, ending Vertigo. However, the magic had already started to flow and needed to go somewhere. Induced by Agatha, Wanda decides to absorb some of this magic and inadvertently channels it into an impossible desire: to get pregnant with magic.

The New Salem Witch Ritual channeled the power of the demon. “For kids”?

Until then, the story doesn’t seem to inspire the series, but there are a few “coincidences” that may indicate a free translation of the comics. After all, every witch knows that coincidence is just synchronicity of fate.

Witches convention

Wanda had been very fragile from the start of the series. Her parents died first, then her brother Pietro and now she was carrying the corpse of her ex-boyfriend – Visão. It’s not hard to assume that Wanda was imagining a way to rebuild her family.

She might have run into an innocent little town where a group of witches were plotting a ritual to steal power from another dimension. Westview would be a contemporary version of Nova Salem.

Indeed, strong rumors indicate the appearance of more witches in the series. That’s because when the footage came backstage a while back – the same photos that revealed Agnes’s identity – we could see witches in some sort of ritual. Very handy considering the origin of the twins in the comics.

Anyway … Due to an external influence (who I believe to be Agnes), Wanda interrupts the ritual and ends up overloading herself with the energy of a mysterious entity. Unable to control such a power, she is said to have created Hex and, later, his twins.

Agatha was reportedly captured by the unexpected reality and attempted to manipulate the events of the series to prevent the ritual of the other witches from ending, which could lead to a demonic entity from another dimension – like Chthon, Mephisto or even the Nightmare. . It would even explain Agnes’ rivalry with Dottie in Episode 2. Dottie could also be a witch. After all, the magic of Vertigo is represented by the color yellow in the comics.

Given the yellow flowers, Dottie may be the Vertigo witch, leader of an ancient clan

If this was all a clever adaptation of the comics, it’s possible that the twins’ disappearance was prophesied in the comics as well.

The disappearance of the twins

The truth is, the twins may be gone. The witches want to use the twins to redo the ritual. They needed more power, and little Billy could be the key to unleashing some really old evil in the MCU.

Remember Agatha tried to catch the twins since they were babies, when they first appeared. But Visão was clearly irritated by the witch and prevented her from carrying them on her lap. Maybe because of a bad instinct?

Billy frankly questions Agnes.

In the scene where Agatha takes care of the children, Billy is the most curious about the witch’s lair. He strokes Mr. Scratchy, the character’s bunny. The boy doesn’t have a lot of social filters and comments about Agatha’s inner silence that clearly baffled her. She could prepare to use the boys in her ritual, when they disappear.

So out of nowhere?

In Avengers West Coast # 51 (1986), Agatha Harkness returns from the afterlife to alert Wanda that her children were not normal children. For starters, they only seemed to exist while Wanda was thinking of them – which didn’t happen during their battles with the Avengers.

Agatha warns that Wanda’s children don’t exist

In the series, something similar may have happened when Monica Rambeau confronts Wanda. The children may have momentarily disappeared from existence, which warned Agatha. Whatever the witch’s intentions with the twins, she needs them in this life. When they disappeared, Agatha was forced into the fight, taking Wanda to her home.

Wanda is alone in the room as we only see part of the kitchen where Agatha is. The witch left the television on a children’s show to force Wanda to remember the boys.

With a suspicious look, Agatha lies that they are playing in the basement and stays out of sight. Wanda goes downstairs to get the boys, but it is possible that by then they have come back to existence in the kitchen. Agatha may have silenced the kids with magic, which we see her doing with a cicada during the episode.

Billy complains that Agatha’s house is very quiet. Was it magic?

If they are still alive, what ritual is Agatha preparing?

The answer… Only in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!

Agatha’s basement is full of enigmatic magical items, including a book that closely resembles Darkhold, The Book of Sins. Not only that, but the basement exists outside of the sitcon invented by Wanda – somewhere in the real world. There is a slight change in the aspect ratio of the screen that indicates this.

In the comics, Darkhold was written by an ancient evil god – Chthon, the God of Chaos. It is by channeling her magic that the Scarlet Witch obtains her power to manipulate reality. He even controlled Pietro to torment Wanda, which would justify how his brother came back to life on the show. This is the entity that has the most tangible reasons to be on the show, but what would your relationship be with Agatha?

In Agatha Harkness’s introductory song, we see that she was responsible for manipulating Pietro. Even though the song claims it was all “Agatha and no one else”, we know “the devil is in the details”. This can be an indication that Chthon is acting through the witch, even without her noticing!

Darkholm was created by an ancient god

He is always looking for a way to come back to our reality. There are theories that indicate that the Rabbit, the same one Billy liked in this episode, may in fact be an evil entity. Some have speculated it would be Mephisto, but the producers may have taken advantage of the twins’ relationship with the Devil to establish a new origin for Chthon in the MCU.

We found out that the twins are actually fragments of Mephisto’s soul in Avengers West Coast # 52, when the demon deceives one of his minions to help him absorb the brothers. It works, but thanks to Agatha, Mephisto ends up disappearing in the process.

Something similar can happen in the next few episodes. The change in proportion of the image in the series may represent that Agatha’s basement is in another reality, possibly the spot where Chthon was originally trapped in the form of a rabbit.

There are theories that the rabbit could be a demon since the early episodes.

The twins would still be in the television dimension or in a dimension created by Chthon. Maybe even trapped in the fortress! It would be a clever way to force Wanda to open the Cursed Tome and become a conduit for Chthon’s power. Even though the twins may be alive in the seventh episode of WandaVision, as reported by the IMDB site, it is unlikely that they will survive this season.

Strong rumors suggest that Wicanno and Célere will be featured in Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. Considering that WandaVision will continue directly into the upcoming Supreme Sorcerer movie, this may indicate that while the ritual is a success, the entity is disappearing like in the comics.

This way, Wanda will have to overcome her grief if she is to find her children. We know she won’t be the feature film’s main villain. The search for Billy and Tommy would be a strong motivation for the heroine to stay healthy.

It won’t be the end of the twins

She’ll need Stephen Strange’s help to find them and save them from Chthon’s clutches. Perhaps older, setting the stage for the inevitable arrival of the Young Avengers to the MCU.

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