What does the tragedy of the last chapter mean to Naruto?

Warning: spoiler alert!

Now under the leadership of Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the original saga, Boruto has brought a devastating twist to fans of Naruto history. In a desperate moment, Nanadaime made a drastic decision that affected a key point in Narutinho’s story.

For those who are confused and want a better understanding of what happened, I have prepared this text to explain Naruto’s decision, the events that unfolded from there, and what it should mean for the future of the Boruto plot. Needless to say, there are several SPOILERS to come, right?

Hold the emotion and come with me!

What happened to Naruto in Boruto?

Desperate times call for desperate action, right?

Boruto is going through a turning point in its history: the Konoha ninjas have launched an offensive against Isshiki Otsutsuki, the leader of Kara. It was an extremely difficult battle when, with the exception of Kaguya, he was the most powerful enemy Naruto, Sasuke, and his students had ever faced.

At a time when all seemed lost, Naruto arrived on the battlefield without a plan, ready to give his life to have Ishiki arrested. So, after thinking a little bit, Kurama – the nine-tailed fox – claims he has a way for Nanadaime to defeat the villain, but it will really cost both jinchuuriki and bijuu their lives.

We thus know the Baryon Mode, a new transformation resulting from the union between Naruto and Kurama, which Kyuubi explains is a suicidal technique, when it almost creates a nuclear fusion between their chakra and extracts its power from this explosive contact. Energy drain is fast, the mode can only be used for a short time and would result in both deaths.

With Isshiki defeated, we see Naruto fallen, seemingly dead. However, in a final internal conversation between Nanadaime and Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox explains that he once again cheated on his jinchuuriki. Baryon mode actually only costs the life of the biju. Thus, Kyuubi said goodbye to Naruto by disappearing.

What is Naruto’s Baryon Mode?

Cover of Boruto issue 52 where Baryon mode was displayed.

As Kurama explains, this is an absurdly strong transformation, but one that comes at the cost of bijuu’s life. It’s almost like a nuclear fusion between the Kyuubi and Naruto chakras, where the energy of that collision is what fuels the power in that way.

Prior to that, Naruto showed some variations of his merger with Kyuubi. In addition to the chakra cloaks, we have seen him come out from the original story, after making peace with the bijuu, he managed to use Kyuubi mode, which is that golden transformation, and Bijuu mode, where his chakra expands and takes the form of the Fox Nine Tails.

Baryon mode, on the other hand, takes another route. As seen in the manga, Kurama is familiar with this technique, but was keeping it for a critical time. Unlike other transformations where Naruto borrows chakra from the bijuu or receives a chakra from someone, in this way the chakra cores of the jinchuuriki and the beast collide. The chakra of the two serves as fuel to create new energy and is therefore consumed quickly. Since the Kyuubi is a pure chakra being, you can already imagine where this is going, right?

While in Baryon mode, Naruto was able to clash with Isshiki Otsutsuki, something no one was passing nearby. In fact, it’s the first time we’ve seen an Otsutsuki of this level take any real damage. Plus, this vampire transforms energy when your punches strike – pulling more chakra to burn. This was the key to stopping Isshiki, not only hurting him, but also depleting his already short lifespan.

What’s the future of Naruto and the Nine-Tailed Fox now?

Naruto without Kyuubi work?

Apparently Kurama is really “dead”. She consciously gave her life to save Naruto, her loved ones and the ninja world. It is not possible to know, however, whether this death is eternal, as the Kyuubi is a being made of chakra and is one of the Ten Tails – and there is a new Ten Tails in the story.

Anyway, now, as Kurama says, Naruto does not have “superhuman powers”. For the first time – except for a short time during the war – Naruto is an almost ordinary ninja. He’s still extremely powerful and worthy of the role of the Hokage, but he’s not nearly a demigod ninja anymore.

It’s interesting especially since Sasuke also loses his Rinnegan in this battle. Thus, these two ninjas who received an unimaginable power at the end of the Naruto adventure, are now closer to normal than ever. Naruto is still a master of Senjutsu and Ninjutsu and Sasuke a ninja prodigy with the most advanced form of the Sharingan, but they no longer have the strength to try to deal with yet another attack from Otsutsuki.

It seems that this is how the writers ultimately left the problems of this story to the new generation. Maybe these things will be reversed in the future? Perhaps. But for now, the ninja world is fragile and not at all prepared for another attack from another dimension.

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