WandaVision is the most watched series in the world today

WandaVision is the most used program globally today, according to a new report from Forbes magazine. The series based on Marvel’s characters had such a significant increase in viewership that it raised the title to number 1.

The data was collected by Parrot Analytics, the system that measures audience attention and captures a set of behavioral data from social media, fan ratings, and hacking.

The study notes that the first few weeks of WandaVision did not have such impressive numbers. However, about a month after the premiere of the first episode, the series starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany became immeasurably successful.

“ WandaVision ” debuted at Disney + on January 15

For Wade Payson-Denney, Insights Analyst at Parrot Analytics, the main factor influencing the good numbers for the Disney + series is the weekly episode launch pattern. He said:

“When we see a string of excessive releases like Netflix does, we see demand skyrocket at the start for about a week. Shows like The Crown, Queen’s Gambit, and Cobra Kai initially appear as super watched shows, but quickly fade away. It is something of quick consumption. So it is clear that with the weekly release, we see the popularity increase gradually, especially for a program like The Mandalorian and WandaVision. This allows these series to stay on the conversation wheels for longer. “

WandaVision is a Marvel Cinematic Universe series that follows the events of Avengers: Ultimatum, a movie released in 2019. The program airs every Friday in Disney + streaming.

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