WandaVision actor opens up about his future at Marvel, “Maybe I’m the Mephisto”

In the early episodes of Wandavision, SWORD director Tyler Hayward is portrayed as a very likeable character, however, as the episodes progressed, his true face was shown, along with his plans. Now the actor who brought the character to life, Josh Stamberg, has opened up about his future at Marvel and even joked with Mephisto.

In an interview with SiriusXM, Stamberg was asked about when he would return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even joked that his character could be Mefisto, one of the comic book villains that many fans wanted. see on WandaVision.

“God, I wanted to know. I await the answer to that. And that was one of my first questions for them, I was like, “Am I going to die?” I was waiting because the last episode hadn’t been written and when finally [chegou o roteiro], I am not dead and I continued to send emails, “okay … I am still [nesse universo] and when I read that he was caught and handcuffed, I said to myself: “Yes, maybe I’m Méphisto” ”.

Josh Stamberg as director Tyler Hayward with Jimmy Woo (Randall Park).

Speaking about the fact that Marvel actors never know what it is, Stamberg confirmed:

“No one knows, they share very little. I don’t think even Paul Bettany knows what, how or where he’s going next. I know, you know, Lizzie Olsen is filming the next one [filme] now and I think on top of that they don’t share that. There is nothing in the contracts ”.

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