Wanda is already manipulating magic in the series

Warning: spoiler alert!

WandaVision has finally come to highlight one of the most important and beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wanda Maximoff has been around since Avengers: Age of Ultron, but her role so far has been small, always a supporting role in the stories of the world’s most powerful heroes. One of the biggest and most recurring complaints from fans was that the heroine did not use magic in the movies, unlike what happens in the comics.

To some extent, the series seemed like the perfect answer to this. Kevin Feige himself even explained how WandaVision’s proposal was to turn Wanda into the Scarlet Witch, and that it would happen explosively. So far the heroine hasn’t started casting spells and using raw magic – but that doesn’t mean she’s no longer a witch. In this theory, we’ll show how Wanda already dominates mystical energies and how crucial that can be in presenting the villain of the series!

A brief overview of WandaVision so far

Set shortly after the fallen heroes return in Avengers: Endgame, WandaVision follows the lives of Wanda Maximoff and Vision, as the two move to a suburb and try to live as a normal couple. The series begins by mimicking the sitcom format, with each episode paying homage to different eras on American television. However, the perfect reality starts to crumble systematically …

Vision begins to suspect that things are not ideal within Westview and that his wife may be behind. Still, they continue as usual, as Wanda gets pregnant and gives birth to twins Billy and Tommy Maximoff within days. In the most recent episodes, a figure from the past returns to visit the heroine: Pietro Maximoff – who was dead – this time with a different face and personality.

Outside of Westview, we know that SWORD, an organization tasked with monitoring threats to Earth, is monitoring everything that happens in Wanda’s perfect reality. Scientists on the outside can see everything going on inside like a sitcom, in the same way we – the audience – see the first chapters of the series.

In the most recent episode, released last Friday (12th), Visão attempted to leave Westview, breaking the barrier created by Wanda. This made the heroine very upset and widened her field of control, including absorbing the SWORD base and various agents. Now, in the next episode, we will see the consequences of that and more of the family dynamic between Wanda, Visão, Pietro, Tommy and Billy.

Magic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Defining the concept of magic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t an easy task, as the franchise’s mystical and supernatural side has always been very much anchored in more realistic concepts. There is almost no room for the fantastic magic that we know of, as it all has to do with some bizarre concepts of quantum physics and parallel realities. But in Doutor Estranho (2016) we have a brief idea of ​​what magic is.

As explained in the movie by the Ancient One and Mordo, magic is nothing more than pulling a certain type of energy from other dimensions of the multiverse. “Spells” are nothing more than conjurations of other realities, where users can access their power through a lot of psychic and spiritual strength. And there comes the question: what if Wanda Maximoff was already doing this?

When you look at the heroine’s powers, you can clearly see that she’s been a lot more powerful since the last time we saw her. Now she not only has telepathy and telekinesis, but also a complete mastery of the reality around her – which makes her even able to reshape objects and tissues at the molecular level, in addition to implanting false memories. at his neighbors. She even seems to have “raised” two children from nothing!

Such an increase in power can only be justified by an external influence. The basic theory here is this: and if after the events of Avengers: Ultimatum Wanda did not end up with mental and spiritual depression, then he was able to pull energy from other dimensions, into it. using to create his perfect world, without knowing it. actually uses magic, as we know in the MCU.

It’s not a very crazy theory, if you think about it. The films themselves already show us how experienced magicians can extract magic from other realities and be manipulated by the deities who rule these extra-dimensional realms – as is the case with Kaecilius, for example. Additionally, Wanda may have also opened the door for these supernatural beings to come to Earth – which may involve not only this new Mercury, but also neighboring Agnes and Dottie, who have yet to find out who they are.

So, after all, who would be WandaVision’s big bad?

It’s still difficult to determine, based on what we have so far, who the big bad or the big threat behind WandaVision is. With each new rumor released, many fans are already gathering to speculate on the presence of Mephisto, a very important comic book demon who has a close connection to Wanda as her soul provided the spiritual fragments that were used to create William. and Thomas Maximoff in the comics.

It would make a lot of sense, in this conjecture, for Mephisto to be the ruler of a Dark Dimension from which the Scarlet Witch derives her magical powers – much the same way Dormammu does with the Dark Dimension in Doctor Strange. He would basically be the conductor of an alternate reality and Wanda would “feed off his magic,” something that would even tie into the commercial seen in the sixth episode.

However, this is not the only possibility. If we’re still on the trail of the “interdimensional villain who commands the reality that Wanda draws her magic from,” we can also bring up the Nightmare, which has to be one of Doctor Strange’s main villains in the Multiverse of Madness next. film to introduce the heroine in the MCU. He is the master of a dream realm where anything is possible, which would explain Wanda’s changing reality.

Another possibility – and my favorite, in particular – is that it was the demon Chthon, an ancestral god who has a big presence originally from Wanda Maximoff in the comics, after all he was responsible for “giving” to the witch the magic of Chaos, which allows her to combine her mutant gifts of manipulation of probability with heavy magic, being able to alter reality on structural levels.

Chthon is a dangerous and mystical force, responsible even for writing the Tome Negro, an important book of dark witchcraft that appeared in Agents of SHIELD. And the worst? In a comic, he took care of Mercury’s body, controlling it to personally reach Wanda (just see the image of this object). So it wouldn’t be hard to assume that Evan Peters’ Pietro could be a demon in disguise, right?

What can happen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

Well, the last episodes of WandaVision are already coming and will bring a real battle for the soul of Wanda Maximoff. Still, we cannot believe that she will be painted as a terrible villain when the events of the series end. In fact, it is quite possible that she herself becomes real and “erases” that perfect reality after being convinced by the good guys, which would make a lot of sense for the heroine’s journey.

We know that she will return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and that she will not be the central villain, since this role (to our knowledge) is reserved for the dangerous Nightmare. And that leads us to believe in another factor: What if the Scarlet Witch becomes Doctor Strange’s apprentice? Basically, she would have already learned to use magic in WandaVision, but it remains to be seen how to control it without causing damage.

She would therefore become an ally of Stephen Strange, who in turn would see in her the potential to become a new protector of Earth’s mystical barriers – or even a threat she should watch out for more closely. Either way, that would make her well versed in the mystical arts, ready to aid Strange in his battles.

Regardless, we suspect the Scarlet Witch as we know her has already been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is already using magic. Wanda’s powers have definitely been improved since we last saw her and now we have to fear who is behind it, manipulate the heroine or just be “stolen” of her energy by her …

WandaVision is presented every Friday at Disney +. The series is currently in its sixth episode, which means there are still three left – if you factor in the fact that there are nine episodes announced. However, there is no way to know if Marvel and Disney have not planned a secret episode …

Below, save the Easter eggs and references from the sixth episode of the series:

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