Wakanda is betrayed by her most worshiped deity

Black Panther, scripted by Ta-Nehisi Coates, finally reaches the climax of the Wakanda Unbound saga. As T’Challa prepares his Wakanda to take on the Intergalactic Wakandan Empire from another dimension, his last hope may be the help of the Panther Goddess Bast. But you never know who you can trust …

The Intergalactic Empire of Wakandano

In another Earth, there is a Wakanda who evolved in a slightly different way. Their only objective is expansion and, under the reign of the tyrannical N’Jadaka, these Wakandans committed the most diverse atrocities to increase their empire across the galaxies.

Under N’Jadaka’s orders, the Wakandan Empire sows terror across the galaxy

In the main Marvel Universe, T’Challa even sent a reconnaissance squadron through a space breach that ended up encountering the N’Jadaka Empire. Since then, the villain has been looking for a way to invade our Wakanda – Wakanda Prime. After all, there can only be one Wakanda, right?

The goddess Bast saw this as an opportunity. She resented T’Challa and her pride brought her closer to N’Jadak. She chose him as her champion. But attentive to the selfish temperament of N’Jadaka, who conquered and enslaved people, she decided to intervene. When the tyrant dared to mystically drain the power of the goddess, she began to orchestrate her revenge.

Bast’s Revenge

In Black Panther # 23, N’Jadaka is weakened while fighting for control of his own body with a symbiote. Bast decides it’s time to team up with N’Jadaka’s daughter to bring him down when he least expects it.

Bast conspires with N’Jadaka’s daughter

On Terra Prime, T’Challa gathers great black heroes – like Monica Rambeau and the Patriot – for a preemptive strike on the intergalactic empire of Wakandano, convinced that this is the only chance to defend their nation. But something bothers him: the orixás are back, but silently observe their people. He debates with Ororo and Jericho whether this might be a good omen, but they are interrupted by the return of M’Baku and the recon team.

This is when the attack begins and Bast suddenly appears. Full of debauchery, she orders the orixás to open a dimensional portal, summoning an invasion of the great intergalactic empire Wakandano.

At Bast’s request, the orixas attack Wakanda.

T’Challa is puzzled that his greatest protector has betrayed him on behalf of N’Jadaka. But in fact, Bast plans to betray the two to take control of both nations once the war is over.

What did you think of Bast’s cunning plan? What would be the true motivations of the goddess? Be sure to comment!

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