Visual effects supervisor talks about the challenges of the series

Disney + ‘s The Mandalorian series brought significant changes to the visual effects market with production technology known as StageCraft.

The technique features expansive LED screens on set that give the show crew the ability to create any storyline in the galaxy while filming, saving a lot of post-production work.

In a new article from FXGuide, the vehicle revealed some details about The Mandalorian’s production method, particularly the challenges of the fifth episode of season two, the one in which Rosario Dawson’s Ashoka appears.

Set in Corvus, a planet once lush with forests and now reduced to ashes, the episode presented challenges for the team. The sets were built and then brought onto the set, the screens extending to spaces that would normally be reserved to hide the technical team. In this way, a sequence of images could be projected from the outside to the inside of the whole.

‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Episode 5 Set

Another challenge arose in a streak that involved using a swimming pool. According to Richard Bluff, visual effects supervisor at The Mandalorian, it was possible to see small ripples in the water but the camera could not capture the same pattern. The opposite happened after a new setup in the environment resulted in models the camera was able to capture but the team could not.

“It was very strange, and that was one of the reasons that in the first season we decided it was too risky to shoot a scene with water on set, but we thought that we could be more flexible in the second season, ”says Richard Bluff.

The artist expressed his enthusiasm when talking about the future use of the technology, which he says is increasingly being viewed together by the entire team working on a production of this size:

“What we thought were boundaries was really interesting and is being handled in a creative way because everyone contributes to it. From screenwriters to directors, directors of photography to heads of departments and staff, everyone now has a much better understanding of technology. They took off their gloves and now we are just asking: what else can we do? How can we use this technology in new and interesting ways to tell more compelling stories? “

The two seasons of The Mandalorian, a series from the Star Wars universe, are available on Disney +.

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