Visual effects supervisor talks about Monica Rambeau’s transformation

WandaVision may have ended, but fans are still blown away by everything that happened in the MCU’s first series on Disney +. Among the many new features, like the transformation of Wanda into Scarlet Witch, twins Billy and Tommy and Agatha Harkness, the transformation of Monica Rambeau into a character with superpowers also delighted audiences. And that’s what Julien Henry, the show’s visual effects supervisor, commented on in a recent interview.

In an interview with Comicbook, Henry opened up about the moment when Monica crosses the Hex for the third time, struggling to get to Wanda and in doing so, gaining incredible powers in one of the show’s most exciting scenes.

“I remember the first concept was visually striking, with a lot of stuff going on, so we started on that path when we created our model. It was a feast of special effects.

According to him, the moment we saw Monica split into multiple versions of herself was only possible after the visual effects team joked and tried to replicate an analog effect of the interaction between a magnet and old televisions:

“We were playing with a magnet on a TV screen, so it was like, ‘Okay, what can be bigger than a magnet? And when you have a bigger object or a more powerful interaction, what could that be? So maybe we could do magnetic flares, the same thing you would have with the sun, like solar flares and things like that.

Monica after crossing the Hex

The difficulty in creating the scene was measuring the effects to create a moment that would match the series:

“But then it became one of those cases where, okay, maybe it’s a bit too much, and you strayed from the subject of the story.” It needs to be a little bigger, not simple, but real action oriented. So we kind of removed a bit of the surplus, for something that I think has improved a lot. After all, you know what they say: less is more. ”

After that, the team came to the result that we saw in the series:

“You end up with something that is still very complex, with a lot of layers and elements involved, but you can have a clearer reading of everything that is going on and you can read the action.”

All episodes of WandaVision are available on Disney +.

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