Vera Fischer poses as the Scarlet Witch for the series’ campaign

As the internet hype for WandaVision grew here in Brazil, where it all became a joke at frightening speed, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe also quickly played with the series, creating the “VeraVision” meme. , pointing out that Elizabeth Olsen looked like actress Vera Fischer. The game did not go unnoticed by the Brazilian, who entered the hype and dressed up as Scarlet Witch to promote the series.

The meme came after many Twitter users in Brazil found Elizabeth Olsen to be very similar to Vera Fischer in the first WandaVision trailer, and the actress, logged on to social media, joined in the joke by posting articles on the subject. Now she’s embraced the meme once and for all, on her Instagram she wore the classic Scarlet Witch costume from the comics, in a promo piece for the Disney + attraction.

Vera Fischer as Scarlet Witch: the actress entered the game and cosplayed the Marvel heroine

On her Twitter, Vera Fischer had previously shown a great deal of interest in learning more about the character and discovering the series, even suggesting in a post that she would do a photoshoot using a legitimate cosplay of the heroine, which eventually ended up happening.

Check out another photo of Vera Fischer as the Scarlet Witch below:

‘VeraVision’ meme caused a sensation on the Brazilian internet and is now a reality

The first two episodes of WandaVision are already running on the Disney + platform, which will broadcast a new episode once a week. What do you think of the series so far? Leave your comments!

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