Understand why the Sandman version will be different

Sandman will win its first live-action adaptation in the form of a Netflix series. Little is known about the production so far and no behind-the-scenes photos have been revealed. However, the streaming platform has already announced some cast members – including Tom Sturridge as the lead role of Dream. However, no one has drawn more attention than Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones, Star Wars: The Last Jedi) as Lucifer.

This has led many fans to wonder what the interpretation of Estrela da Manhã will be in the series and even what connections the Sandman series might have with Lucifer, another TV production that adapts The Devil from DC Comics. And with that in mind, we’ve decided to explain a bit about who Lucifer Estrela da Manhã is in the comics and how Sandman’s version will be different from what we know so far!

Lucifer in the comics

How is the Lucifer from the comics?

Lucifer Samael Estrela da Manhã is a devil-inspired DC Comics / Vertigo character from Judeo-Christian mythology and religion. It was created by Neil Gaiman with Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg and first appeared in the pages of Sandman Vol.2 # 4. In his first appearance, the fallen angel crosses his path with the Dream when Perpetual leaves. in search of his relics lost during his time in prison, as part of the Préludes et Nocturnes arc.

The character is almost always portrayed as a beautiful, slender figure, with blonde hair and passionate charm, able to win over anyone with just her words. Instead of being a totally evil and cruel figure, he has a degree of humanization, even though he retains many negative aspects of the biblical devil. It was his first appearance, but he soon returned gloriously in another Sandman arc, called the Mists Station.

Considered by many to be one of the best phases of Gaiman’s HQ, Estação das Brumas begins with an explosive premise: Lucifer decides to give up hell and live on Earth. However, someone has to take care of the Sulfur Realm, and Estrela da Manhã ends up delegating the function of deciding who will be his successor to Morpheus himself. It’s a dense story that features multiple DC mythological characters, bringing in characters from fairy realms and even Norse deities.

From there, a central Sandman spin-off was created, centered around the Fallen Angel. Titled like Lucifer, the comic book by Mike Carey, released between 2000 and 2006. In the story, Estrela da Manhã is seen opening a bar in Los Angeles – where he continues to live his life normally, even though one or more another supernatural threat appears in his life. HQ discusses deep themes like free will, the creation of universal evil, religious fanaticism, and even the cyclical nature of things.

The protagonist of the Lucifer series

And the Lucifer series, how is it?

In 2016, DC Comics partnered with the FOX channel to produce Lucifer, a series loosely based on Mike Carey’s comics. The production stars Tom Ellis as Morning Star and the story begins after he decides to leave hell and live his life among mortals. The story is procedural in nature, like a lot of crime shows in the United States, where we have a “cottage of the week” and a bigger plot being built.

This is because Estrela da Manhã ends up becoming something of a consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department, represented by Chloe Decker, a detective who ends up falling in love with the devil. The series features several prominent characters from the comics, some of whom debuted on the pages of Sandman, such as Mazikeen.

The series was originally canceled after its third season by FOX, but Netflix saved the project and continued to produce new episodes. To date we have had the fourth season and the first half of the fifth through the streaming service. In addition, the platform has already announced that the sixth will be the last, once and for all, concluding the plot of the series without leaving out.

Gwendoline Christie

Lucifer in Sandman

Now Sandman will finally win his live-action adaptation on Netflix. Some of the main cast has already been revealed and everyone was excited to find out that Gwendoline Christie will be playing Lucifer Morning Star. But what does this mean for the devil series and its connection to the comics? Well, to explain that, we have to go in parts.

Sandman is set to tell the story of Lucifer and Dream’s encounter and, later, how Lucifer decided to leave Hell and go live on Earth. Does that mean the series will be a prequel to Lucifer? Well, it is not. In several previous interviews and statements, Neil Gaiman has already made it clear that the Sandman adaptation will not be part of the Lucifer universe.

In other words, the character played by Tom Ellis will be like an “alternate version” of Gwendoline Christie’s devil and the two must not interact at any time. We can’t say yet if we’ll have a new take on Estrela da Manhã’s solo story with Gwendoline, but the possibilities are very low, given the recent popularity of the FOX / Netflix series, even if it doesn’t. is not very faithful to the comics.

Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie will be Lucifer in the series

Will Lucifer be a woman?

This is a question many have asked when they saw a woman play the part of the devil. And the best answer to that at the moment is: not necessarily. If you know a little about Christian mythology and Biblical literature, know that angels do not have a specific gender. Although they are nominally referred to as male or female, they are generally described as asexual creatures and in forms almost incomprehensible to the human mind.

In the paintings and visual recordings that we have over the years, angels are generally viewed as androgynous beings, with little detail referring to either very masculine or very feminine characteristics. And given the fact that Lucifer is an angel, it makes sense that he would be portrayed by an actor and actress with more androgynous features, as is the case with Gwendoline Christie.

Something similar has happened in the 2005 film Constantine, directed by Francis Lawrence. In the feature film, we have the participation of Archangel Gabriel, a celestial entity of ambiguous morality who ends up being involved in a grand conspiracy involving Hell and Heaven. In the film, the angel is played by Tilda Swinton, an actress very famous for her unique look and sexfuck.

Therefore, there is no way to know if Lucifer will be treated as a woman on the show – not least because another character in the comics, Librarian Lucien, has undergone a gender change and will be played by a female, becoming Lucienne – or if we will have more of a case of androgynous angels who do not have sex and gender characteristics. To find out, we have to wait for more information and news from the series.

The Sandman series still doesn’t have an exact release date. We know that the filming of the first season is in full swing and is expected to run until June 2021. The series will air on Netflix and should have more seasons, so that it can cover the full story of the original arc written. by Neil Gaiman.

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