Understand why Kakashi always wears a mask

Narutinho’s awe-inspiring shinobi adventure featured several iconic characters, who should remain in the imagination of pop culture for a long time. But few of them achieved Kakashi status in the hearts of fans.

Kakashi Hatake is without a doubt the favorite of a legion of Naruto fanatics, be it for his story, his design, his powers, his humor, and more. From start to finish, however, the great sensei of Team 7 is the protagonist of one of the most intriguing mysteries in this whole story: it is not exactly said why he never took off his mask.

But calm down, there are a few reasons for him to keep his face a secret. So, for those who are still stuck with this, I decided to solve this mystery. Put on your bandana on the left and come with me!

Since when does Kakashi wear a mask?

Kakashi during the Ninja Academy era.

We have already met Kakashi with his classic mask and we fell in love with the character like that. But since when does he cover his face? Well, this story predates the events of Naruto.

In some moments in the anime and manga, we see flashbacks to when Kakashi was a child and teenager. And yes, since that time he wears the mask that covers the lower part of his face. This is shown when the story is about him being a prodigy who managed to graduate with just 5 years at Ninja Academy.

However, in a flashback before that, in situations involving the boy’s father, we already see him wearing the mask. Some theories on the subject claim that the issues surrounding Sakumo and the reason why Kakashi continued without removing his mask are related.

It is worth saying that he kept this partial coverage of his face even when he was recruited into the ANBU and started using the traditional Konoha Secret Service masks. Two layers of protection, right?

And while much of Kakashi’s past has been resolved by the end of Naruto – and we encountered his face in a special chapter and episode – he keeps the mask on when he takes over as the Hokage and more. late in the days of Boruto.

What did the author say about Kakashi’s mask?

Officially, the mask is only a visual feature.

Of course, Masashi Kishimoto has been asked about the subject in interviews and by fans. And the author’s answer is more about the creation of Kakashi’s design than anything else.

According to Kishimoto, while creating the characters for Naruto, he saw ninjas as these most mysterious beings. So he decided to give Kakashi a mask. According to the author, he did not do the same with the other characters due to the difficulty in defining the facial expressions and emotions in the drawing with the mask on the way.

What is the reason why Kakashi wears the mask on Naruto?

Kakashi and Sakumo solving their outstanding issues in “the afterlife”.

Speaking now of the story itself, there are reasons implicit in Naruto for Kakashi to cover his face – and a more fun one, shown in a humorous animation from the saga.

In Naruto, for much of the story, Kakashi is ashamed of his late father, Sakumo, known as White Canine of Konoha and seen as a traitor in the Land of Fire. In the past, while on a mission, Sakumo chose to save his companions rather than achieve his goal. This caused serious political problems, brought the shinobi out of favor and ultimately committed suicide.

Those who have met Canino Branco in the past and later met Kakashi claim that he looks a lot like his father. Chiyo herself, from Vila da Areia, comments on the similarity.

The idea here is that when his father was considered a traitor, because he looked like him, Kakashi used the mask as a shield. Both ashamed of Sakumo and to avoid retaliation – after all, we know the people of Konoha don’t save many children, do we? However, the reason why he uses it before these events doesn’t quite fit here, so it’s up to his own interpretation.

This explanation is unofficial, but it is the most accepted among fans and makes the most sense with the entire story of the character.

However, there is another reason too, a little more in a good mood. In the Naruto spin-off animated series “Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals”, Kakashi would wear a mask to cover up his nosebleeds. As a pervert, as fans are well aware, the shinobi’s nose would bleed too much and it could take away his ninja credit – so he covers it all with the black mask.

In which episode does Kakashi remove the mask?

Kakashi’s face.

But if you’re dying to know what Kakashi’s face looks like, he already took off his mask in a special episode of Naruto Shippuden!

After several unsuccessful attempts by Team 7 to meet the sensei’s face, Kakashi finally takes off his mask during episode 469 of Naruto Shippuden. In the manga, the face of the shinobi was revealed in a special chapter, released in 2015 – which was adapted in Episode 469.

An interesting fact is that Masashi Kishimoto previously revealed Kakashi’s face in 2008, in Naruto’s third databook.

In the post, there is a mini-story where Naruto asks Ninken – Kakashi’s ninja dogs – to describe how the sensei is behind the mask. While several bizarre options popped up, Pakkun’s final description seemed pretty consistent – but the author took it as a joke.

In 2015, when we saw the official image, it was the same face Pakkun had described 7 years ago.

Do you prefer Kakashi with or without a mask? Do not forget to comment!

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