Understand why Jennette McCurdy, Sam, stopped acting

After a long wait, iCarly will return to Paramount +. The series marked the start of the Youtuber era with the mess of Carly and her best friend Sam. But sadly, we won’t be seeing the duo’s reunion on the small screen, as Jennette McCurdy abandoned her acting career. (via E!).

Troubled adolescence

When the cameras turned on, Jennette was the cheerful, spontaneous and irreverent Sam – always doing something gross or teasing someone. But behind the scenes, the actress felt nothing but discomfort and shame. In an interview on the subject, revealing regrets about his past:

“I’m so ashamed of the roles I’ve accepted in the past. I resent my career for several reasons. I felt so dissatisfied with these papers and felt most of them cliché, ashamed. I entered the show when I was 13 and had to continue in the same role until I was 21. At 15, I was already embarrassed.

Sam had a raw dynamic with Freddie that Jennette didn’t like

Some of those negative feelings were a reflection of his school life, as his friends thought he was too old for such stupid roles.

Another major issue she had to deal with was related to self-esteem. She grew up being forced to hear that she was not worthy of good-looking characters and was relegated to more comedic roles, with no choice in this matter:

“My agent, I literally heard her say on the phone, ‘They want ethereal beauty. Jennette is not an ethereal beauty. It is more rustic. She looks rustic. And I was like, ‘Okay, I think I have a rustic face.’ “

While Miranda Cosgrove was considered beautiful, Jennette heard from everyone that she was more rustic.

Problems with the mother

But the crucial point for her for deciding to end her acting career is that Jennette never wanted to act. In fact, she only started working in this field because of her mother, who forced her to continue because of the money:

“At first I didn’t want to act. My mom put me [no palco] when I was 6 and around 10, 11, I was my family’s financial provider. We didn’t have a lot of money and that was the only way out, which I think motivated me to be successful.

Over time, acting started to be less obnoxious, but it still wasn’t something she wanted to do. After the death of her mother, Jennette decided to take a new direction in her life. To close this negative cycle in her life, she took the stage one last time, in 2013, to perform a monologue she wrote titled I’m Glad My Mom Died.

Jennette expressed confused feelings for her mother in a play

“I wrote this play for myself, and I performed, and I didn’t really want to because of my mental state. Because of the feeling that I didn’t want to play anymore, shit. So I did my last performance.

The actress recently decided to let off steam on her Empty Inside podcast due to fan pressure to return to the iCarly series on Paramount +. Unfortunately, she will not be returning to the theater due to her painful history and regrets that it is so.

“I imagine there’s a very different acting experience if you get proud of what you’ve done. We grow up fulfilled by our roles.

Jennette also participated in the Sam & Cat series

It remains to be hoped that Jannette McCurdy finds success on the path that makes her happy.

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