Two members of the Justice League may date in the comics

Warning: spoiler alert!

With the start of the year, DC Comics’ Future State event has arrived, bringing many new things to the publisher’s universe, from new heroes donning the dresses of great heroes to new rosters of renowned teams from across the world. emerging publisher. This is the case with the Justice League, which in the Future State universe combines new characters and established characters. The first volume of Future State: Justice League, has already begun to establish the group’s momentum, which appears to include a romance between two members of the League.

The story of the first volume follows the heroes on a return to the old Hall of Justice, due to the brutal assassination of the Evil Legion. In the meantime, we learn more about how the group works and a series of rules to follow. These rules include not letting other party members know their secret identities and not letting members fraternize outside of their missions. While they seem somewhat strict, the rules were set due to an incident with the old Justice League, when one member of the group betrayed the rest.

As the story progresses, it’s clear that two members of the team didn’t follow these rules as they should. Andy Curry, Aquawoman, and Jess Chambers, Kid Quick, appear to have a connection, which is confirmed later in the story, when Jess shows up at Andy’s house, as she has a remote conversation with her parents, Arthur Curry, and Mera (comic book).

Although Andy seems to agree that the rules exist to protect League members, breaking them ends up benefiting the duo when they are attacked by members of the White Martian group known as Hyperclan, who became Jon. Kent, the new Superman, and Yara Flor, the new Wonder Woman in the future state. When the attack occurs, Andy reacts quickly when Jess is hit.

While the story doesn’t explicitly state that the characters have a romantic relationship, that’s what the interactions between them seem to suggest. Jess, a character who hails from Earth 11, had previously added to LGBT + representation in the DC Universe, being the first non-binary sprinter for the publisher. With the romantic element between Jess and Andy, DC seems to be looking to add even more representativeness to its universe, establishing a queer relationship that complicates the plot, as the new rules of the Justice League conflict with the existence of this. relationship. .

The Future State event is slated to last for two months and its stories will end between February and March of this year.

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