Toy reveals Sam’s look as Captain America

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

By the end of Avengers: Endgame, it seemed certain that the Falcon would become this universe’s new Captain America, however, with Falcon and the Winter Soldier making their Disney + debut, we found out that it wasn’t. wasn’t quite what had happened, with Sam Wilson deciding not to wear the hero’s cloak. However, a new toy now shows that, by the end of the series, he has to become the new Captain America, and will earn a costume very similar to the one from the comics.

At the end of the first episode, fans saw that John Walker (played by Wyatt Russell) was the new Captain America in this universe – and Sam wasn’t too happy with the reveal. Now, with the new toy in the series, we can already expect it to become the new Freedom Sentinel.

In the images posted to Twitter, we can see a Marvel Select collectible from Falcon and the Winter Soldier that shows Sam Wilson in the Captain America costume, which is very similar to what he wears in the comics. In the images, we only see a few details that have been changed, probably to better transfer the costume to the screens.

Look at the images:

Toy packaging showing the Captain America of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Sam Wilson’s costume as Captain America is very similar to the one in the comics.

The toy comes with the hero’s wings and shield.

Also check out all the Easter eggs and references from the first episode:

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