Thor: Love and Thunder – Behind-the-scenes footage shows God of Thunder’s new look

Filming for Thor: Love and Thunder has finally begun, which means the first behind-the-scenes footage has already surfaced online. In photos released by the Daily Mail, we can see Chris Hemsworth with the new God of Thunder look, appearing alongside some of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thor appears in a new look on set

Thor appears with his long hair, the ax used in the last two Avengers movies, and a red leather vest, straight out of the Thunderstrike comics.

Vest used by Thor at HQ Thunderstrike

The hero is next to Star Lord (Chris Pratt), in what appears to be a friendly behind-the-scenes conversation.

Chris Hemsworth chats with Chris Pratt behind the scenes of the movie

Nebula (Karen Gillian) also appears. The character wears a lighter outfit, but reverts to wearing the orange stripe on her face, which contrasts very well with the blue of her skin.

Nebula appears brighter in Thor: Love and Thunder

New is Kraglin (Sean Gunn), Yondu’s goofy disciple. As we remember, the character inherited the mighty arrow from his former boss and he appears with the cyber “mohawk” that Yondu used to better control him.

Kraglin appears behind the scenes of the film

So, excited for the movie?

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