The witch’s Easter egg gives more clues to Agnes’ true identity

WandaVision is in its fifth episode, but its mysteries are only just beginning to unfold. The series explores the traumas and fears of Wanda Maximoff very well, while also composing a vital enigma in the town of Westview and among all those affected by the Avenger’s reality manipulation powers. However, not everyone is what they seem …

Many fans have been speculating for months on the true identity of Agnes, Wanda’s sneaky neighbor, played by Kathryn Hahn. The character is still there at unusual times, in addition to having a certain sense of the reality created by the heroine, as we could see in the fifth episode. She has yet to be properly identified outside of this reality by agents of SWORD, and that only adds to a very popular theory that she is Agatha Harkness, a mentor and ally of the Scarlet Witch in the Tapes. comic books, who is also a witch.

Now, however, reddit fans have found a little Easter egg that can still benefit from this theory. The fifth episode is the first where Wanda goes to Agnes’ house and we can see the front of the house. To the surprise of many, the house is simply identical to the house of A Feiticeira, a popular 1968 American sitcom which, in turn, follows the life of a woman capable of magic and her husband, an ordinary man who prefers to let her ignore her mystical gifts.

Agnes’ house in “WandaVision” and “A Feiticeira” house are identical!

In any other series, it could be argued that this is a model of a common house in the suburbs of the United States or that everything is an Easter egg to the most attentive fans. However, considering that WandaVision is a series that honors and honors several North American television sitcoms, this inclusion does not seem naive and can give a lot of clues as to Agnes’ true identity.

We should know more about the character in the next episode, which is scheduled for release this Friday (12), since it will be the Halloween episode set in the 90s and will bring the scene already seen in several trailers where Visão, already aware of everything that is going on, she finds Agnes in the car, dressed as a witch, and the two have a very tense and scary moment.

WandaVision airs weekly on Fridays on Disney +. The series has already had nine confirmed episodes, but there are rumors and speculation that a tenth episode could have been recorded in secret. The series explores the suburban life of Wanda Maximoff and Visão, but we soon discovered that this reality is a lie and that the consequences of this epidemic can be very costly for the Scarlet Witch.

Here, stick with other Easter Eggs from WandaVision’s fifth episode:

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