The villain of the film may have been discovered in a new behind-the-scenes photo

We don’t yet have the official name for Spider-Man 3, a film set to wrap up Marvel Studios’ scholar trilogy, but bit by bit the details of the tale are emerging. This time a van was pictured near the recording which may indicate the presence of Senhor Negativo – villain of the modern phase of Spider-Man (via CBR).

The image appeared in the dedicated Marvel Studios forum on Reddit. A large change van can be seen with the FEAST logo Although it has appeared in the comics, this organization was best known in Marvel’s Spider-Man – PlayStation 4’s exclusive hero game.

Under the pretext of helping the poorest and the homeless, the group led by the charity Martin Li is nothing more than a facade to hide the evil plans of its alter ego: the Negative Lord. Look at the picture:

Given that the film may take place around Christmas time, FEAST is likely to be involved in some Christmas charity action that could simply be cover for a much larger criminal scheme.

What exactly is FEAST?

FEAST is a project dedicated to providing food, emergency aid, shelter and training to homeless people in New York City. In Portuguese, the acronym eventually became PARTY, but the goal is the same. The organization debuts on the “Brand New Day” arc of The Spectacular Spider-Man, where Aunt May joins the group as a volunteer to prepare and distribute soup for people on the streets. She finds herself in the middle of Martin Li’s plans and Peter Parker must get involved to help her.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles Moralez ends up joining the group as an indication of Peter himself. It would be an interesting way to introduce you to the MCU.

Who is the Negative Mister?

The Negative Mister is not really Martin Li! It is in fact a stolen identity. He worked in human trafficking in China and stole the identity of an immigrant to start again in the United States. His powers emerged from the experiments of underground chemist Simon Marshall.

Martin was one of three guinea pigs who survived these experiments. While the other two became Cloak and Dagger, Martin Li became the Negative Lord.

This super villain has control over the forces of light and shadow. With this, he manages to shape shift, heal people, strengthen other villains or weapons, as well as corrupt them. He also manages to fire bursts of negative energy that have proven to be problematic for Spider-Man on several occasions.

If he appears in Spider-Man 3, it will be quite interesting to see how the producers explore his distinct visual identity.

For now, Spider-Man 3 is slated to open on December 17, 2021!

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