The villain appears to be censored in the anime

Jujutsu Kaisen has come to appeal to many shounen manga and anime fans, with an emphasis on great wizarding battles and many charismatic characters. The anime’s first season is drawing to a close and new villains are being introduced – however, one of them received a very different look in the anime adaptation, in a sort of censorship of the more “eccentric” look of the movie. manga.

The final three episodes of the season are expected to start adapting the arc of the Paints of Death manga, which means we’ll have three new antagonists who, while yet to be featured, have had their visuals revealed. Who caught the eye was Eso, who has a very provocative costume in the manga, complete with a garter belt and tights. However, in the anime he will be given full pants, hiding his thighs.

Check out the comparison made by fan @kaikaikitan on Twitter:

Eso visual in the manga (left) and visual in the anime (right)

Although small, the change in Eso’s look is significant, as the character’s costume is very important in the manga, especially when you realize how good his fighting skills are. The villain is a very charismatic and fun figure in the manga, and it would be interesting to see the anime go deeper into that aspect of his personality, even if the look isn’t the most faithful.

Kaisen Jujutsu is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

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