The show’s final season gets its first trailer

It was announced last year that Black Lightning would end with the release of its fourth season. Since the series maintained a considerable audience level, even though it did not reach absurd audience numbers and was considered by many to be the best among the CW hero series, the announcement surprised fans, who did not wait for its end. Now the launch of the final season of Black Lightning is approaching, and with that, the first trailer for the season has been released.

In the trailer, you can see that the tragedy that happened in the third season will have a big impact on the hero’s condition, which looks quite different from what we know. Thunder and Gust also gain prominence in the preview, acting like heroines and using their powers.

Take a look below:

As this is the final season of the series, Tobias Whale will be defeated once and for all in the fourth season, which begins releasing in two weeks on February 8.

Although Black Lightning is coming to an end, a spin-off of the series is in development. The spinoff series will focus on Painkiller, played by Jordan Calloway. It is possible that other Black Ray characters are also in the new series, and that in this way their stories will continue.

Pain Killer will be the protagonist of the spin-off!

So what are your expectations for the final season of Black Ray? Be sure to comment!

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