The seventh episode has the series’ first post-credits scene

Warning: spoiler alert!

As we enter the home stretch of WandaVision, the seventh episode of the series unlocks explosive revelations and startling secrets. In the episode, we finally discover the secret identity of an important character, we have scenes where Monica Rambeau finally uses her powers and even small clues about the future of Wanda Maximoff. And if that’s not enough for you, the episode also brings back a lore from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the chapter, we see Monica Rambeau re-entering the world of Westview in an attempt to alert Wanda Maximoff to how her actions are viewed by the leader of SWORD. Upon entering “the hexagon” again, the agent ends up having his body totally altered, gaining the ability to see different spectra of light and energy, like his comic book counterpart.

Monica confronts Wanda, but is fired by the arrival of Agnes, who attempts to “protect” the Scarlet Witch from Monica’s statements. Then new things happen and we see that Wanda ends up being taken to Agnes’ house. This is where we have a post-credit scene, in the traditional style of MCU movies. The scene is the first of the series, since the other episodes ended without a hitch after the technical file.

In the scene, we see Monica trying to search Agnes’ house, looking out the back entrance. At one point, she opens the cellar doors and notices that the place is covered with strange roots. And that’s when Pietro Maximoff, the Mercury, comes up behind her saying something like “Espionage? Horrible! ”The scene then ends when the frightened Monica turns to see Pietro.

In the scene, we can see Monica surprised by “Pietro Maximoff”.

The whole sequence is interesting for several reasons. First, it corroborates with something Wanda herself talks about during the episode, that this Pietro is not her children’s uncle (and therefore not her brother). Second, in the episode’s final scene (before the credits roll), we can see that Agnes handled everything all the time, including the arrival of Mercury. This version of the character may just be an illusion she created.

WandaVision airs weekly on Fridays on Disney +. The series is expected to have two more episodes, as has been officially announced – unless we have a secret episode, as is already assumed.

Also remember the Easter eggs and references in the sixth episode of the series:

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