The series contains an Easter egg from the classic Avengers villain

Warning: spoiler alert!

WandaVision debuted today, January 15, and is already proving to be one of Marvel Studios’ most beloved and different projects. With a plotline that pays homage to sitcoms from different eras of American television, the second episode brought a very interesting Easter egg, which may cause fans to come up with several theories about the series’ upcoming villains.

The second episode of WandaVision has an animated opening, in which we see Wanda and Vision “getting ready” for their daily lives, while using their skills. In a very quick moment, Visão walks down from the second to the first floor of the house, and in one of the closets it is possible to see the Reaper’s helmet, a classic Avengers villain in the comics.

Grim Reaper in the comics

The reaper in the comics is Eric Williams – brother of Avenger Simon Williams, whose heroic name is Magnum. The character has appeared in several stories related to the hero and the West Coast Avengers in classic comics, recently having an important role in the Fabulous Avengers HQ, in which he becomes one of the Knights of the Apocalypse and attempts to kill the scarlet witch.

In the comics, he and Vision have a long-standing rivalry, as the android was created from Simon’s brain patterns. The villain also appeared in the recent Vision of Tom King comic book, which has a big influence on the series. In the story, Eric is disgusted that Visão has a “perfect family” (something that he and his brother, Simon, never had) and attempts to murder his wife and children, but is killed. by the Android family.

Check out the scene below, with an image of the Reaper:

Reaper’s helmet can be seen at the opening of WandaVision’s second episode

Does that mean we’ll see Magnum and the Reaper in the series? Be sure to talk about your theories! Enjoy and also discover:

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