The series almost referred to the death of the black widow

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

WandaVision Episode 8 arrived last Friday and provided many answers to questions that had been raised by previous plot events. Additionally, the new episode has revisited Wanda’s story, mainly dealing with all the losses the character has suffered in her life. But, in addition to the deaths of Pietro and Visão, it looks like the series would also reference two other characters who have left: Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff (via comic book).

An alleged leak scenario shows the scene in which Wanda goes to SWORD in search of the recovery of Visão’s body, with the event from the character’s point of view, as seen in the most recent episode of the movie. series. A lot of the dialogue that appears in the storyboards is, in fact, very close to what happened in WandaVision, but some parts seem to have been cut, like the mention of the deaths of the two Avengers, which can be seen here. :

In the scene, Wanda looks very irritated, being able to see the characteristic red of her powers in her eyes and hands. According to what is written at the bottom of the image, the character would say:

“I’m tired of everyone acting like Tony Stark is the one person we’ve lost. As if he was the only Avenger who ever existed. Too bad, then, if you’re Natasha, but at least she was in the flesh, wasn’t she? But where are the memorials of Visão? No moving tributes for the symptomoid?

It would be interesting for an MCU character himself to acknowledge that despite his enormous importance, Iron Man was not the only loss the heroes suffered, despite being the most widely recognized in the Marvel Universe. , since Tony Stark was the only one. to receive a funeral, as well as the fact that Spider-Man: Far From Home shows that several tributes have been paid in honor of the Avenger.

Moreover, it seems very much in line with the situation Wanda was going through, as Visão was not only recognized as a significant loss by anyone other than her, but also saw her wishes ignored by SWORD, who l ‘treated like a machine and a weapon.

All eight episodes of WandaVision released so far are available on Disney +. The last episode of the season will air this Friday, March 5.

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