The second season is expected to feature an important character from the books

The second season of Netflix’s The Witcher is still in production and now new information may have confirmed a very important character in the books: Arch Priestess Nenneke, who in the books is a mother figure to Geralt. from Rivia.

According to information from Redanian Intelligence, a site focused on the news of The Witcher, the second season of the series will feature Nenneke and the temple of the goddess Melitele in Ellander. Still, we don’t know if the character’s maternal relationship with Geralt will be addressed, in the books the character keeps telling the wizard that she’s not his mother, even though he has great affection for him. .

So far it’s unclear who will play her, however, according to the website Nenneke may be played by Julie Barclay, who has been confirmed into the season, in a role yet to be confirmed.

Actress Julie Barclay is set to play Nenneke in season two

In addition to Nenneke, the site also states that two other characters from the books will appear in the second season: Lola and Jarre, both linked to Melitele’s Time and studying to become priestess and clerk respectively. That said, we still don’t know who will play them.

So far, the second season of The Witcher has no release date set.

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