The saddest Attack On Titan deaths to date

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Launched in 2009, the Attack on Titan series has gained fans all over the world over the years, and the anime released in 2013 has made that audience even bigger. Set in a universe where there are so-called titans, grotesque creatures that eat people, the story is about humanity’s struggle to survive in this universe.

From the start, the story of Attack on Titan has been steeped in very sad deaths, even being one of them, which leads the protagonist Eren to want to exterminate the titans. But, even in a story where death is a constant risk, the losses suffered throughout the plot are nonetheless impressive and weighty, especially for the audience, who often become attached to the characters over time.

From this list, we’ll try to pick out the ten most heartbreaking losses in anime and manga (so beware of spoilers!). Ready to remember some very sad deaths?

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