The release date of the second part of the fifth season is published by Netflix

Inspired by a graphic novel co-created by Neil Gaiman, Lucifer is one of the most popular series in the Netflix catalog. But the reign of the Dark Lord is coming to an end. The premiere of the last part of the fifth season has been announced.

When does Part B arrive?

This season, which will be the penultimate of the series, has been divided into two parts. The first launched in August 2020 and ended with a cliffhanger to kill any fan of curiosity.

On its official Twitter, Netflix announced that Part 2 will arrive very soon, on May 28. As the streaming giant says, all episodes will be available on the same day. Check:

For those who don’t know, originally this would be the last season of the series. As such, it is likely that the main plot of the series will be resolved by the end of the 8 new episodes, which have been taped since October 2020. The sixth and final season is not expected to debut until 2022.

What happened in part A?

Part A of season five has caught fire! The plot peaked with the introduction of characters long awaited among fans, such as God Himself, played by Dennis Haysbert.

We also had a super exciting battle between Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and his twin brother Miguel, which resulted in the demise of the fallen angel. Can Lucifer return to Chloe Decker? We’ll only know with the premiere of the final episodes of the fifth season in May.

Lucifer faced off against Miguel at the peak of the midseason

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