The project involving the character is confirmed by WarnerMedia

Rumors of a solo film by Zatanna, one of comics’ most popular magical heroines, have surrounded the internet for a long time. Now it looks like the project is finally taking shape. On AT&T Investor Day, WarnerMedia showcased the projects under development in the DC Comics universe, with Zatanna being one of the highlights.

In the graphic (via CBR), we can see countless titles of DC Comics projects, ranging from video games like Gotham Knights and Suicide Squadr and children’s animation like Batwheels and Super Hero High, to live action series. like Flash, Supergirl, Peacemaker and Shazam films: Fury of the Gods, Black Adam and The Suicide Squad.

Among the titles, what attracts the most attention are the logos of Green Lantern, the HBO Max series which will show the legacy of the ring bearers, and previously announced films like Super Shock, Blue Beetle, Batgirl and Aquaman 2. Among these new features is the Zatanna logo.

Check it out below:

The future of DC Comics looks bright!

No information about Zatanna, which many believe to be a live-action movie, has been released. Rumors from last year suggested that Warner was planning a long disconnect from the Justice League Dark series and Constantine, two series in development for HBO Max, and it’s unclear if the company still has that idea or if we’ll see it. ‘heroin. .start this shared magical universe.

So, excited for the project?

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