The producer explains the absence of Johnny Cage in the film

Last Monday (14), the Legion of Heroes participated in a press conference with Todd Garner, the producer of the film Mortal Kombat. Among the issues discussed, he commented on the fan outcry for Johnny Cage, one of the franchise’s most charismatic kombatants, explaining why he was not live.

During the press conference, Todd Garner said:

“A lot of people were curious as to why Johnny Cage wasn’t in the movie. The answer to this is that he’s such a specific character, he’s so selfish, fun, and daring, that you wouldn’t want him to be calm and calm while following the rules. You want it to be awesome and fun. We want to be true to that, so when we’re lucky enough to have him in a movie, we want him to be the craziest version of himself. This is the best version of him.

Johnny Cage, the wild actor of Mortal Kombat and has conquered a legion of fans!

In a table of interviews with CBR, Garner elaborated his answer:

“The reason we’re holding Johnny Cage is because he’s a very selfish guy. He’s a villain, he’s funny, he’s arrogant … and so is Kano. So we would have two guys competing and trying [ser mais divertido e egoísta] or you have Johnny Cage because hopefully we can make another movie. ”

According to the producer, other similar characters were cut from the film because of this:

“Rain and reptile? Both are invisible and you don’t want two invisible types; First of all, it is expensive, and second, they do the same. You do it that way, with people we can see later. We also have characters with complicated backgrounds with other characters, you want to work better with them. ”

Mortal Kombat is slated for release on April 16.

Check out everything you need to notice in the Mortal Kombat trailer:

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