The preview of the seventh episode is released

WandaVision has taken the internet by storm with its mysteries and the growing tension of what’s going on with Wanda Maximoff and Visão within Westview. Now the preview for the seventh episode, which drops tomorrow, gives us a clue of what to expect after the big twists and turns of the last episode.

The scene, posted on Good Morning America, shows the consequences of Hex’s expansion for saving eyesight. Wanda looks exhausted in her bedroom and is still wearing the scarlet witch costume. When Billy and Tommy try to explain the weird things that are happening with their games – which are randomly turned into multi-generational consoles – Wanda goes on to say he wants to rest. Soon after, inspired by 2000s sitcom models like The Office and Modern Family, the heroine speaks directly to the camera and says she wants to go out for a day and relax.

Take a look below:

Wanda is getting more and more powerful!

WandaVision is a Marvel Cinematic Universe series that follows the events of Avengers: Ultimatum, a movie released in 2019. The program airs every Friday in Disney + streaming.

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