The origins of Eleven’s powers would have been different in the series

Stranger Things is currently one of Netflix’s biggest hits. With three seasons already released and the fourth on the way, the series brought back the delicious nostalgia of the ’80s while also featuring some extremely charismatic and striking characters. A good example of this is Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. The character grew up with superpowers, and her entire journey on the show shows her trying to be a “normal person”.

However, did you know that Eleven’s origin was almost quite different in Stranger Things? When the Duffer Brothers were still designing the series under the title of Montauk, the character’s powers would have been acquired in another way, and his whole journey could have been very different. Here we have made a quick summary of what would happen if this alternate source were featured!

How is Eleven’s origin in Stranger Things?

In Stranger Things, Eleven’s origin is directly linked to a government program called MKUltra, which experimented with drugs on human subjects. Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives (Aimee Mullins) had been one of those guinea pigs, heavily loaded with mind-altering drugs like LSD. However, during the experiment, scientists found out that she was pregnant.

The baby was born and separated from Terry. Named exactly as 011 (the number of the test in the lab), Eleven would then be created within the government agency on an experimental basis, without any personality development or even formal education. One of the men who oversaw these tests was Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), an unscrupulous scientist who just wanted to use Eleven for his tests.

Eventually, Eleven ends up undergoing several terrible experiences, particularly for being subjected to experiments involving the inverted world. She manages to escape her captivity and this sets the tone for the series. She finds a group of boys and helps them on their journey to find their friend, Will Byers, who had also disappeared in the inverted world.

What would be the origin of the character in Montauk?

Long before Stranger Things appeared on Netflix, there was Montauk. This is the name given by the Duffer Brothers for the original project of the series, which ended up undergoing a few mutations before becoming the series we know and love today. In the original project, Eleven’s mother wouldn’t be a guinea pig for the MKUltra program. Instead, she would just be a drug addict who used mind-altering drugs during pregnancy.

These drugs would have completely affected the genetics of her daughter, granting her powers of telekinesis, as in the series. However, the government would not act until later. In the original project, Terry and Eleven would be together for two years after the baby was born, but would be separated when government officials “kidnapped” the girl for tests and experiments.

In other words, MKUltra would have no involvement in the origin of Eleven’s powers, only in its creation. Additionally, Eleven’s “supervisor” would simply be called Agent One, a less humanized character who would only serve as a “bogeyman” in the girl’s story. Everything else would go the same: she would leave the lab and find the gang of Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin, finding out that she could live like a normal girl.

What is MKUltra?

The MKULTRA program was the name of an illegal experiment conducted by the CIA on humans, with tests carried out between the 1950s and 1960s. The purpose of the program was to visualize how human organisms interact with various psychotropic drugs. Most of these tests were performed without the knowledge or consent of their guinea pigs, which is why it is still considered taboo in CIA history.

In tests, guinea pigs were injected with drugs the purpose of which was to alter and manipulate the state of consciousness in the brain. Right after inserting these drugs into the body, the guinea pigs were subjected to various torture methods so that scientists could analyze the human body’s reaction to the effects of psychotropic drugs. Among the tortures described were drowning, sleep deprivation, induced hunger and thirst, and even sexual violence.

You must be wondering why a government agency would do such horrible and violent tests. Well, the whole function of MKULTRA – it is believed, as there are few documents that have been officially revealed – was to produce more effective forms of questioning. If we remember the context in which this happened (the early years of the Cold War), it all starts to make sense, as the United States sought to root out the Soviet agents hidden inside their borders.

Stranger Things is available with its three seasons on Netflix. Year four is already in development, but there are still no launch plans.

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