The official Xbox profile plays with Lady Dimitrescu’s height

Resident Evil: Village hasn’t even arrived and is already making a huge splash on the internet, but not because of its plot or fan theories. Evil Lady Dimitrescu, who has to be one of the game’s main antagonists, has fallen in favor with the public, spawning several memes, and even Xbox has joined in the joke in a new post on the network.

In a post on its official Twitter, the Xbox Division compared the Xbox Series X and the refrigerator sizes made from the console to Lady Dimitrescu’s impressive 2.9 meters, leaving no doubt that the villain is, in addition to great, threatening. Check-out:

“Important update.”

Winning the Internet

Since being shown in more detail during the recently released “Maiden” demo, Lady Dimitrescu is gaining more and more popularity not only among Resident Evil fans, but the gaming community as a whole. Several memes with the character emerge every day, from people dying in love (literally) to the character to people comparing their height to hers.

On Twitter, many people tried to compare their height not only to Lady Dimitrescu, but also to other great characters in Resident Evil. The result was hilarious, as always in these cases:

What about you, eager to meet Lady Dimitrescu in the dark halls of Resident Evil: Village? What do you think of the bad guy? Tell us in the comments!

Resident Evil Village is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC on May 7.

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