The next episode will blow the minds, says Paul Bettany

Since the launch of WandaVision, Marvel fans have been eager to find out what lies behind all this sitcom reality surrounding the Disney + series.

With so much mystery involved, it’s clear that the following episodes will make things even crazier, and who came to reinforce that in a new interview is actor Paul Bettany.

For The Playlist, the interpreter of Visão spoke about what will happen in the next episodes of WandaVision. Without revealing much, Bettany said that the fourth episode of the series should bring a bomb:

“I think the spirits will explode [com o episódio 4]. You can expect these two worlds… to have more conflict… ”

WandaVision’s third episode has already made significant changes to Wanda and Vision’s arc

When asked why the characters live on a sitcom, Paul Bettany said:

“It’s a complicated answer, but there’s a reason we’re on all of these sitcoms. At the end, there will be a big reward on it, where everyone will say “Aah, now I get it”. I guarantee it will be a satisfactory answer. “

Apparently, until the sixth episode of WandaVision, we’ll see more of this “tribute” to American television, while the last three should bring back the action-packed story typical of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The fourth episode of WandaVision opens on Friday, January 29.

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